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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.01


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@Randalljax Thanks, I did miss the note about a new AE. @bradlake I've actually been using the Cntl-Click ability to both add and remove the features on Perform-PP section, and most of the time I'd probably prefer that, but being old school, there is something about being able to keep both hands on the keyboard that can feel faster. The main reason I posted (both times) about the deficiencies was to provide feedback to Fractal, as it seemed they believed all was functioning as intended. Thanks again for each of your input.


Can confirm.. frikkin' awesome! .. My Tweed sounds Tweedier. ...and in the grand scheme of things, isn't that what matters!?


What I am noticing in the last few releases, the IR selection is getting more and more critical for me.

No complaint at all, but maybe I'm just getting better at listening or something - but especially with 6, every little detail in the IR seems to matter more

York Audio

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Wow, this Firmware feels fantastic. I got the instant stink face with the first palm mute. I recorded a tone from 5.08 and compared it to 6.01. 5.08 palm mutes go “guh, guh, guh,” and 6.01 palm mutes go “gyuh, gyuh, gyuh.”

You gotta mean it if you’re gonna turn up the master volume. It’s very responsive and very satisfying. It feels like it compresses under your fingers when you hit it hard and you don’t need as much gain to make a tone massive.

Everything sounds great pushed a little bit, but the Plexi 2204 is really nailing it for me at the moment.

Tommy Tempest

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Likely. 7 Was great so Windows - lets change it to 10 and struggle with bugs just to do it......
Windows 10 is more stable and faster than 7 or 8, because all the bloat was removed that existed in 7 and 8. No issue on windows 10 here. Maybe try compatibility mode, if anyone s having issues with windows 10.

Tommy Tempest

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Windows 10 Pro.
Can't add 'Per-Preset' Performance parameters per the release notes?
Shift + 1 through 0, selects tabs or alters the selected parameter (Shift+2 or 8)?

Can't add 'Per-Preset' Performance parameters per the release notes?
Control + F1 through F10... nothing? However, Shift + F1 through F10 works (like with the previous beta)?

What am I doing wrong?
Although I'm having no issue, it has been reported that it may be a win 10 problem. Try using compatibility mode in win 10, to see if it helps.


Maybe try compatibility mode, if anyone s having issues with windows 10.
Tried it and the same result. I've tried right clicking and that does not work either. It works to insert a block and in other programs but not for the Perform-Global. Tried Shift+F10 to bring up the right click function which also didn't work. Supposed to be an update of Axe Edit coming in a day or so. I'll just have to wait.
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