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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.01


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What was the issue with 6.0? I installed it & had no issues that I was aware of.
EDIT: never mind.. all caught up, read the other thread.


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Thanks Cliff!!

For lazy people like myself:

Release Notes
Fixed memory allocation error causing boot irregularities.

Firmware 6.00 introduces the PERFORM tabs found on the HOME screen of the Axe-Fx III. There are two PERFORM tabs: Per-Preset and Global. The PERFORM tabs can be configured with up to 10 user- selected controls from any of the blocks found in the current preset (including CONTROLLERS and GLOBAL). Configuration of the PERFORM tabs is done via Axe-Edit III. Allowable controls include rotary knobs, push-buttons, drop-downs, and toggle controls (e.g., on/off controls).

The "Perform-PP" controls are stored per-preset. Adding or removing a control from "Perform- PP" will change the EDIT state of the preset.

The "Perform-Gbl" controls are stored in the Global Settings. Adding or removing a control from "Perform-Gbl" is automatically saved to the Global Settings.

Performance controls are added via the editor from a block's parameter view. The editor's selected parameter control is assigned to the desired Performance tab through a popup menu or a hot-key combination. [Please note the "Edit Modifier..." popup menu item for modifiable parameters. Modifiable parameters can quickly jump to the "Edit Modifier" dialog by pressing the hotkey 'M'.]

Hotkey assignments for Perform controls:

  • Per-Preset Add: SHIFT + '1' through '0', where '0' is the tenth control on the tab.
  • Per-Preset Remove: SHIFT + ALT + '1' through '0', where '0' is the tenth control on the tab.
  • * Global Add:
  • Mac: COMMAND + F1 through F10.
  • Windows: CTRL + F1 through F10.
  • * Global Remove:
  • Mac: COMMAND + SHFIT + F1 through F10.
  • * Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + F1 through F10.
The editor's Perform view is accessed via the "Perform" button or the Tools / Performance menu. From this view, Per-Preset Performance controls can be imported and/or exported using the "Block Library" control. Additionally, the view's "Per-Preset" and "Global" tabs allow label editing for controls already assigned to the "Perfrom-PP" and "Perform-Gbl" tabs.

Changed Cabinet, IR Player and Tone Match block IR windowing so that window length is proportional to IR length (rather than a constant window length).

Doubled length of IR Capture Utility sweep. This improves SNR in challenging environments, i.e. a large,noisy room when capturing “far-field” IRs. The time between sweeps has also been increased to allow the room reverberation to decay sufficiently before starting the next sweep.

Improved Amp block power amp modeling.

Added five “Manual” controllers to Controllers menu. These can be used as modifiers for real-time manipulation of parameters from the front panel.

Combined LFO 1 and LFO 2 menus into a single menu.

Fixed Ring Mod block left/right slightly unbalanced.

Fixed Looper allows playback even if no loop exists causing noise.

FC: Further fixes for startup timing issues.

FC: Fixed Inc/Dec functions' upper limits defaulting to zero.

FC: Fixed learning of FC external pedals and switches in MIDI/Remote.

FC: Fixed external switch polarity not showing correctly on the FC Controllers Remote page.
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