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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05


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The only place the system can clip is at the converters so the meters let you know when you are in danger of clipping the converters.
What does it mean then to have a block output meter clip red then, when you're in a blocks edit page? (The lower green meter under the blue input meter next to the tuner). the blocks themselves can't clip internally at all? So a block's output meter blinking red is not doing any clipping anywhere?


@FractalAudio As a bass player, I'd like to say thank you for the work on bass amps in this version. The SVT model is greatly improved and operates like a real SVT now. I very much appreciate the information on which model (and settings) were used to tune the algorithm, as well. The prior model sounded great, but had to be coaxed into a place to make SVT-like tones. I've only had a 2min runthrough with the new Portaflex amp model, but I'll be digging into it in more detail as soon as I get my SVT presets updated to reflect the new firmware.

Aspects of the new model that I consider a big improvement include:
  • The interaction between the input gain and the master volume gain feels more like using a real SVT. It is possible to get clean tones with high input gain (instrument depending) and low master as well as with low input and somewhat higher master, and the character of the tone is representative of the effect of the EQ section in the middle. Same story with getting the distortion tones, the interaction between the two gain stages appears far more accurate than the previous model.
  • The quality of the distortion achieved by the input and master sections seems to more closely resemble the real deal.
  • The frequency content below 250-300 Hz when the amp model is driven hard seems to be more realistic. In the previous model, I would actually compensate with bass EQ (inside or outside the amp block) to not lose too much low frequency content at higher distortion settings.
  • Implementation of the mid-frequency EQ is fantastic. While I wish there was a rocker switch to select the mid freq, you guys picked a very useful and musical setting to model. This knob (just like on the real thing) can be a powerful tone shaper and change how us bass players sit in a mix.
Given how widely used and important the SVT tone is in the bass world, this model's update is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to investigating the Portaflex as well over the coming days.

@selta - This was indeed a good patch. There are still noticeable omissions of some important amps/tonestacks, but definitely moving in the right direction. Improving the SVT and adding the Portaflex were both good changes. I'd still like to see an Aguilar DB751, the GK 800RB and 700/1001RB amps, anything by guys in the Eden/Markbass/Trace Elliot realm of gear. It would also be interesting (but not critical) to have vintage Acoustic or Sunn amps in there somewhere.


Reworked my live bass rig and I gotta say the new SVT is just fantastic. The dirt on it can get super gnarly! The Portaflex is my new round, thick finger style amp of choice. Trying to get a hold of a few B15 IRs - I'll try to shoot a few soon and I'll drop some here when I get around to it.

The new features on the cab block are excellent as well. This update took everything to a new level and Axe Edit seems to be promptly updated as well. Fantastic! A big round of applause for the Fractal team.


@FractalAudio - Hurrah! *wipes tears of joy*
Are the other bass amps gonna get updated as well?

I can't say how much it is appreciated, Cliff. Thank you for making it the best money I've spent on gear and constantly improving it.

BTW - How's the recovery going?


How about a Sunn Model T?
Great vintage choice!

@funknoodles Would love to hear a nice B15 IR!

I feel like the tonal choice that is missing the most right now is something like the Gallien Krueger 700/1001RB. The unique FET sounds and GK growl are hard to replicate with the big tube models. A modern, clean solid state tone that can turn into something special (and different) when pushed. It also has a unique tone stack with some great options (contour control, 4/5 string voicing, etc).

But if you're adding new bass amps, we'll take anything!


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I'm a guitar player who has a bass for recording when I cant find a real bass player and I'm very encouraged by the comments. Haven't had time to explore the changes myself, but if the bass players approve, i know I'll love it when i use it.

Been with Fractal for years and happily will stay with Fractal.


Fractal Audio Systems
If I remember well in the previous version, in that mask you can set ON/OFF the status of Contro Switch associated with the scenes.
I had CS1 associated to the amp boost and now I can't use it
That's a bug in the editor. It has been fixed for the next release. CS Per Scene is available through the front panel GUI via Home->Controllers->Per-Preset FC Settings->CS Per Scene.


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How about a Sunn Model T?
I did a gig when I was a teen and one of the guys in the other band had a
sunn amp that I think was a Beta? It had two 12'' speakers that angled into each other, Don't know if these are good or not. anyone know?
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