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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05


The Sunn Model T is probably high on Fractal's list because, much like the early Fender Bassmans, they have been used by both bassists and normal guitar players alike. I can see that there's a value to Fractal for including amps like this that have very broad appeal.


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How about a Sunn Model T?
Great choice, Cliff. If you're truly seeking opinions on what could be modeled, please have your people get with me and I'll 100% gladly get you some great options that would be "game changers" and put Fractal on the minds of bass players again. The Model T is certainly nice - and I'm hesitant to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there are also modern bass amps that players clamor over that would bring visibility :)


Works correctly here.
Just for the feedback, it's not the fw who was in cause but the off value of the IA on the MFC who was set on 000 instead of OFF.
Maybe this parameter has changed during the recent update of "MFC EDIT" and my new dumping ..? o_O

Thank you Cliff for taking the time to do this verification test.
I love this new firmware and i'm very happy with the amazing evolution of the cab block


Just to add to the above, I agree completely.

What's strange to me is re-wind 2-3 months I was completely happy with my patches.

Now, with a bit more knowledge from Cooper's classes and the new Cab block - so much better sounding, in so many ways, many not too obvious to be honest - but player experience, wow!

THIS was why I bought the III



How about a Sunn Model T?
time to start that SUNN 0))) tribute band!
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Sunn Model T
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I never 'got' the Model T - it's a Marshall preamp on an ultralinear power amp, more or less like that of the 135W Twin/Showman Reverbs.

I'd much rather have a 200S or 2000S. But before all that, an Ampeg V4.


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Great new firmware Cliff!

For the past few days I'm having some issues with all USB audio dropping out.
It happened to me 2 or 3 times the past couple days.
I'd be working on a song, then I take a short break, turn the tuner on and then after nothing on my pc won't give audio anymore.
Could this have something to do with the new firmware possibly?
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