1. shaunb

    Heavy Rock blind tone comparison - pre-production tone test UPDATE: results and presets added

    Hi guys and girls. This is a tone test I did to determine which amp presets to use on the recording project I've got underway. I'll have an album or a couple of EPs out this year. I didn't intend to post this as it was just a decision making tool for my process, but I thought it might be...
  2. Igor Paspalj

    Scuttle Buttin - SRV cover

    Hi guys! Here's my take on this SRV classic. Recorded with my Axe Fx II as usual. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  3. heanjurrera

    Moody ambient-driven bit featuring a Tele + AC30TB combo

    Hey all! Some small clip from the vault here, it's an old idea I still enjoy quite a bit and feel like coming back to develop at some point. Some slide guitar in there as well. And tremolo everywhere. Can't say what firmware I was using at this point unfortunately.
  4. J

    New single

    Hey ya'll! In a week my new single is being released. I recorded the electric guitars fully with my Axe II, and it acted as soundcard during acoustic guitar recordings and voice choirs. I'm very happy with the sounds I got out of it and here's a sneak peak: Full song will be on iTunes...
  5. Gytaxor

    Axe FX II in a video

    Hey guys, we just released a video we made in our practice space. Very simple, but good :) all the guitar tones are from AXE FX II. enjoy, like, share! Thanks for the support.
  6. C

    Bari-Neil Zaza Guitar Cover

    Hi this is my first post in years since the AxeFx-Ultra days o_O So I figured since I'm now happily upgraded to the XL+ I might just record a sample and post it for you guys. The recording was simple and I used 2 scenes for this one with delay and one without + the one with delay has a slight...
  7. ByTheHandOf

    Dynamic Blues / rock Tips and tricks.

    I don't know if I am the only one, but to me it seems like most of the axefx videoes (reviews and comparison) and presets out there are for more High Gain/metal sounds. Don't get me wrong, I love axefx for heavy sounds, but it really does so well for low gain crunchy/bluesy sounds for strat or...
  8. JeremyRhoades

    Quantum 4.0 Periphery Inspired Djent/Metal/Rock

    All sounds by Axe FX II, Superior Drummer 2, Slate plugins, and Reaper. Used mainly Dual Rectifier and Friedman models, with some FAS Crunch and a couple other amps for cleans. Any constructive criticism is appreciated! :)
  9. heanjurrera

    [Tele + Euro Blue Modern] Berserk 2016 opening cover

    Hello! This is an instrumental cover of 9mm Parabellum Bullet's Inferno, which as you may or not know, served as the opening song to the 2016 Berserk anime adaptation. This song was by far my favourite thing related to this show, and I figured I'd share my jab at it since it's been awhile since...
  10. Symbolic

    Guitar Licks Every Day!

    Hello, guys! Every day you can find a new catchy lick on my channel! Not very complex, not very trivial. No useless talk, just small pieces of useful stuff. If you like it - subscribe, share and press "like" button
  11. koawood

    Best Jubilee Lead Tone? (Bonamassa patch)

    Testing out lead sounds with this sick patch. Using Bonamassa custom 59 pickups with an EJ sig. strat () Experimenting with this awesome lead patch by CCRoyalSenders. (on axechange)
  12. progmachine

    Rock & Metal Bass Tone Tips

    Hey people! I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! I'm gonna leave this video here for anyone interested in how I get my bass tones (AxeFX II and the recent firmware)! I hope it's helpful!
  13. J

    Circa Survive Tone

    Hey all, Just got my XL+ a few weeks ago. Really need help figuring out how to get a tone like the one from Circa Survive's Juturna (specifically The Great Golden Baby or Glorious Nosebleed). I know they used a JCM2000 DSL for a while and also Bad Cats. I've tried to tone match and haven't...
  14. progmachine

    Rock & Metal Bass Guitar Tips!

    Hey people! I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! I'm gonna leave this video here for anyone interested in how I get my bass tones (AxeFX II and the recent firmware)! I hope it's helpful!
  15. Guitarjon

    Bass guitar tone preset tutorial video!

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a video about creating good pop/rock/metal bass guitar tones with your Axe FX and OH bass IR's. I hope you find this video useful! If you have any questions you can ask them. My replies may be a bit slower than usual because I'm currently on a holiday in the south of...
  16. Guillaume Lortie

    live rehearsal with AX8 07-24-2016

    Hi fractal bros! i'll be live with my band tomorrow at 2PM East Time on youtube with my AX8. we're a over band ( for fun ) that do small bars and festivals. you are all welcome and feel free to comment on my tone as i always want to sound better.
  17. guitarhero23

    First Full Song with the Axe FX

    Been messing with it for a bit and enjoying it. Wanted to get a full song recorded from scratch to practice getting used to it recording and to practice mixing. This is a song my cousins band recorded like 10 years ago which I recreated. Drums: Superior Drummer Guitar: Axe FX II Bass: Axe FX...


    I got me a new bass and had to record a new clip. There's a lot of "coming soon" being used on this song but more on that later. I noticed that all my favorite bass sounds from Foo Fighters to Green Day to even Blink 182 where the bass is loud in the mix and still not overbearing are a Fender...
  19. oson00

    First track FIX from our upcoming album

    I want to spread our first released track of our upcoming album. My band Tachycardia recorded the song "Fix". We reamped all guitars and basses with Axe-FX II. We used IRs. You hear the Orange OR-4x12 and the MR-PIN68.
  20. Julien Meirone

    Comparison Bias/Axe FX II with rectifier presets

    Hi guys, Obviously Bias can't sounds as good as the axe fx II and both devices don't have the same price. Here the idea with this test it to show how fast you can achieve a good sounds with basic rectifier presets. You can also use this sound as an argument for those who think that bias...
  21. Julien Meirone

    My submission to Indaba/Puremix contest "Face Your Fear or Die"

    Hi guy, i have recently mixed this song for this contest so if you like how it sounds and that you want to support me you can give me a vote and/or leave a comment ...
  22. Vitali Bilinski

    Deftones - My Own Summer (guitar cover by Vitali Bilinski)

    My cover of the song called "My Own Summer (shove it)" by Deftones. Recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Vitali Bilinski. All the rights of the original song go to their respective owners. Make sure to leave your comments below and if you liked it, thumbs up and subscribe because there...
  23. F

    Two Rock Mayer Signature

    Here is my attempt at making a cleaner Two Rock preset, great for Mayer stuff. I'd highly suggest you crank the volume up with this one to really hear it sing, as is tradition with the cleaner Dumble stuff. Personally i've found that with the volume rolled off it sounds a little muddy, maybe...
  24. Minotaurean

    Weird trippy metal/rock

    Check this out guys. All the guitars are 100% Axefx! This track will be on my band Inertia's upcoming album "The Process" this year :)
  25. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips I made of the OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB Impulse Response Library, which contains a speaker type I have never shot for any OwnHammer library and have been looking for flawless specimens of for a long time - that I happened to come upon late this past fall - pre-Rola...
  26. A

    Best Country Rock Patches out there!

    Hi, I am a country rock player with an AXE FX 2 using an MFC101 Controller. Any Suggestions on Country Patches?
  27. Emanuel

    What IR Cabs do you swear by for Rock/Metal

    Hi all. I just wanted to get everyone else's opinion and recommendations on what cabs they like using when playing rock/metal. I find the basic V30 cab gives me that chunk and definition but it can be really hissy in the highs ( I usually have to cut a lot out when mixing, but whenever I try out...
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