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Circa Survive Tone

Jon Campf

New Member
Hey all,

Just got my XL+ a few weeks ago. Really need help figuring out how to get a tone like the one from Circa Survive's Juturna (specifically The Great Golden Baby or Glorious Nosebleed). I know they used a JCM2000 DSL for a while and also Bad Cats. I've tried to tone match and haven't gotten exactly what i wanted. Hope someone knows how i can achieve this tone.

Any tips or help would be appreciated!

- Jon


Power User
Ive heard that in the studio for that album in particular a lot of it was just a really loud vox with the modulation up front. Ill see if I can work something up later, Juturnas on of my all time fav's :)


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I didnt have as much time to dive in as I wanted to I threw together as best as I could a starting point for you. As you probably already know Circa Survives tones are almost 100% telecasters so it works best through one of those on the neck for me (though mine has the cover removed so take that into consideration). I'm hoping this'll at least get you into the ballpark of where you wanna go with it, tweak away friend.
oh btw the dirty tone in the second half is literally the exact same patch with the drive block set to its Y state (I read up and found out that the juturna tone was a cranked vox with an old RAT pedal up front :))
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