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Bass guitar tone preset tutorial video!


Power User
Hi guys,

I just uploaded a video about creating good pop/rock/metal bass guitar tones with your Axe FX and OH bass IR's.
I hope you find this video useful!
If you have any questions you can ask them.
My replies may be a bit slower than usual because I'm currently on a holiday in the south of france ;)

If you enjoy my videos and music I'd hugely appreciate it if you could drop a like at my facebook page www.facebook.com/sonicdrivestudio and subscribe to my YT channel.



Thanks for this! I admit that I have no idea how to set up a bass tone since I'm a guitarist. This video is invaluable.

Next step, I need to learn how to NOT sound like a guitarist playing bass.


Jon, watched this morning. Awesome video as always. Are you sharing the presets? I would love these to work from. I will pick up the OH bass cabs as you suggest - I didn't know those were available. Thanks again. Next a video on how to use the slate plugs to dial this into a mix! I'm just sayin......:)

dr bonkers

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@Guitarjon : I like the way you use the cab block and amp block eq to filter frequencies rather than using the crossover block.

I never would have thought of doing that.


this bass sound is insane, far away from what i was able to create. too bad this is using OH impulses,
do you think that a similar sound is possible with the stock bass IR's?


I tried these settings last night while doing some scratch tracks for a full length album I'll be doing later this year. It was so easy to get a great bass tone, I used the stock 8x10 RW cab and am very happy with the results. For the actual album tracks I will probably mix in a little clean dry signal, especially in clean passages and in the "bass only" moments.

Overall this is the most satisfying bass to be I've ever gotten with the AF2, and will probably lead me to best bass tones I've ever gotten by far. Thank you for all your help Jon with Fractal, Own hammer and Slate products. You're awesome man!


I'm convinced I need a solid Bass tone but I know nothing about Bass. It's only in the last few months i've even realised bass players often use distortion and how that makes up so much of the meat i've been hearing all these years.
I put together a little test thing to play with some IR's and see how they work together, try some new drums and sort out the bass. With a tiny bit of tweaking your preset is definitely going in the right direction.

Here's the latest export I just did. I need to listen to it in the car. The previous export I did before your tutorial made the bass utterly disappear while in the car.
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