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  1. P

    Looper over multiple inputs

    I’m currently waiting for the Fm9 to make it in the mail. Planning to use all three inputs for electric/acoustic/vocals. Would the fm9 looper be capable of operating globally across all three inputs? Thanks in advance
  2. Duncan Rigby

    Wish LOOPER BLOCK save and load the last loop

    Add a page to the looper block to allow saving and loading of a loop, only with Axe-Edit or in four slots like channels A,B,C,D.
  3. edwinstar

    Looper Block, limitations or not?

    I am wondering if there are any Hardware limitations (for example Memory) that prevent the Axe-Fx III from ever receiving multiple synced Looper Blocks? I need at least three seperate synced Blocks with different Inputs and Outputs. Would be great to know if it‘s ever possible to have this or...
  4. Alex Kolund

    FM3 Looper volume

    I'd like to increase the volume of the Looper (relative to the live signal) but all of the level knobs are maxed out at 0dB. Any ideas? Adding a boost after the Looper block seems like a waste of a block. Here's a screenshot of the chain if that helps:
  5. muaddib

    Not a Bug Looper Play delay (1.06)

    HoHi I am running in some issues with the fm3 looper: the play action always has a delay between the press and the actual play action when recording😅 This mean you have to press it outside of the beat to get clean loop or the loop will not repeat cleanly I don't have similar issues with my...
  6. MrPond

    FM3 and external Looper via FOH and Cab. Output

    Hey guys! I'm planning on getting the FM3 to actually rebuild my whole guitar rig (big pedalboard, multiple amps/cabs, ...) The digital route only works for me having also the option to run a real guitar cab, which of course works with fractal. I checked the manual how the FOH+Cab setup works -...
  7. D

    Axe fx 3 looper

    I’m having a hard time adjusting the looper playback level. When I go to the confirmation page it does not allow me to control it it lets me go down in db but only stops at 0 db and the screen does not look like the other videos I’ve seen to adjust the volume playback level.
  8. Feiner-mechaniker

    [solved] Playback of Looper is lower than recorded

    When i record a loop with the Looper Block, the volume of the Loop is lower then the original Volume of my guitar sound. I set all parameters to maximum Level in the Block. I also tried to set the Looper Block to different positions in the Grid: serial, parallel. This is really frustrating, as i...
  9. Roby Rocks

    Wish Automatically Looper page on screen

    Now I have to navigate to Layout, through the grid, select the looper block, and finally press edit.... I would like that when I engage the Looper, the Looper-Page is shown on screen... as it is for the Tuner. Thanks...
  10. maxolla

    LOOPER block dream

    Last night I had a dream only to awake from it in a cold sweat. In my dream my Axe looper block had 4 different lines that synced to each other and all lines could be different lengths. I had a similar dream where there were two looper blocks that could be placed anywhere in the chain. Any...
  11. gdgross

    Metronome out....

    Had a thought today. I've never made a preset that used a metronome, but I know it's there. would be useful to pipe out a separate click to other band members when using the looper block. Anyone done this, perhaps by just hard L/R panning, or the FX loop send? ie, click out of one output...
  12. Kelleys Heroes

    Looper best practices

    Looks like most players are using the Looper block at the very beginning of the signal chain or within a send/return right before the output block. What are the benefits of each approach, and are there other ways of using this that might be better?
  13. Brian Greco

    Using the Looper with PEQ

    Hi everyone, Hope all is well This evening I was trying to EQ one of my AFX tones in my DAW using Pro Q2. Basically, I had a loop of the tone playing while I did my EQ’ing. Standard stuff. I thought I might try this same approach using the looper block while adjusting frequencies in the...
  14. G

    Redo for AX8 Looper

    I have an Ax8 on front of me and I'm ready for it to replace my Amp, Multi FX Pedal and my Looper, but I can't pull the trigger without a Redo for the Looper function. I lay down the percussion on my initial loop, then overdub the music. Then when I need to go to another part, I just 'Undo' so...
  15. izappa

    Volume on looper - always louder than what I recorded

    I am missing something simple on the looper. When I record, what gets played back is always louder than what i recorded. If I go into its config, I can decrease the gain and quiet it, but I am guessing there's a reason for this behavior I could correct. BTW - this is for any of my presets or...
  16. APE

    Looper Record from Scene Change -- Possible?

    I use Programs for Songs and Scenes for Sections. Switching into and out of Looper mode while I sing and play and transition into the solo section is too hard. I use Scene 4 to trigger Looper PLY. This eliminates some tapdancing. But before I can PLY the loop, I need to REC it. To REC a...
  17. ElliottShredsGuitar


    Hey guys, I downloaded this patch in hopes to finding out how to use the looper in the axe fx xl+ but I still have no idea. If anyone could download this patch and maybe give me some advice on how to get started I'd greatly appreciate it. I also do not have the foot controller so I'm having to...
  18. bwill81

    Looper Question

    Does anyone know if it's possible (if so, how) to assign the Looper Control on/off function that normally resides on switch 8 to an external switch? My apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere.
  19. brianv4

    Using the Looper in 2 Presets

    i set up a clean super verb preset and a lead IIc+ preset both with the looper. When I record a loop with the clean then switch to the lead preset and there's a gap in the audio when switching. Is this something that can be tweaked in future FW updates or just a fact of life in Axe8 world? I...
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