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  1. K

    Weird feedback type noise

    So I haven't noticed this until now but wanted to ask if it was normal or something else. When I play certain notes on the fretboard, the fractal starts to create this hum or feedback type thing. It feels like compression and hurts ears. There are some spots like 7th and 11th fret on the G...
  2. MatthewLeisher

    Started getting feedback issues out of nowhere

    I'm using the Axe Fx 3 (Purchased early 2020) with a Headrush 112 monitor and at my last band practice I started getting feedback that would happen after I hit a note and then mute the strings. It only happens for a moment before my gate kicks in, but I've been using this setup at home and at...
  3. Arto Kujala

    Humanity’s Last Breath Lead

    Hi everybody! Would you have any tips for achieving Earthless type lead sound? It’s particulary audible in very begeinning and 01:18 of this video: Obviously there’s a tremolo but I’m thinking if I should make some kind of feedback loop with maybe an expression pedal control. Have guys done...
  4. T

    LF feedback bug?

    So just today I started getting this feedback from the amp block that has something to do with the LF Resonance on the speaker page. It looks like it might only be the Severe model, a few others I've tried seem to be fine. The weird thing is I use this model 90% of the time and haven't changed...
  5. C

    Recording in adobe audition with axe ultra and interface

    So I got an axe ultra MKII for christmas as it's all I could afford and I love it except for having to use an audio interface instead of USB. I'm fairly new to recording my own stuff using a daw and even newer to ideas like DI and reamping. But I have a friend who is helping explain. My issue is...
  6. plasmatic

    Feedback Simulator

    I did a search on here looking for how folks were simulating feedback instead of using an external pedal like the Freqout. I can't find the thread at the moment (I now realize it was on YouTube), but I think it was @simeon or @Mark Day who put a patch together that I found for the AxeFx II. I...
  7. RamboMadCow

    High gain amp simulation feedback solutions?

    I'm hoping a few of you guys have some experience with moderately high gain amp settings in a live situation and can help me out. I'm in a Metallica tribute band and I've been trying to get their current live tone. It's not insanely high gain like Slayer, but it seems to have enough that I'm...
  8. RamboMadCow

    Best way to control feedback in live situations?

    So I'm hoping there are some very knowledgeable people here who can help me figure out the solution to this problem. I've been playing guitar for quite a long time, but I've not been in a live situation until recently. First the setup: My rack is an ESP LTD Snakebyte (with the hot Hetfieldl EMG...
  9. Jos Pelkman

    How to eliminate feedback on my stage monitor

    Hello fellow AX8 users, I was hoping someone could help me out here.... I dail in my sounds at home through studio monitors and I love the sound of them. Also the lead tones sound great. But when I go practice/perform with the band, the same lead tone often gain feedback on my monitor. I use...
  10. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    Hi all, any Doctor Who fans here? Series 11 just started and it looks like it might finally be a return to "good old" (Eccleston/Tennant era) Doctor Who! After 10 seasons with Murray Gold at the musical helm, the show now got a new composer, too: Segun Akinola, who knocked the ball out of the...
  11. C

    Need help with Wes Hauch patch please!

    I got my Axe late last year so I still consider myself an absolute noob with this thing and I think it's something on my end maybe but I downloaded Wes Hauch's "The Faceless Riffs" patch and the first thing I noticed was an unctrollable and horrendous feedback as soon as I would switch to the...
  12. Bruce Cisterna

    Anyone have squealing issues?

    I love my AX8, but I have randomly been experiencing uncontrollable squealing on my lead patches. My input levels are not any greater than the stock patches and I don't use extremely high gain as I play in a corporate band. The board is not clipping either. I'm at the end of my rope with this...
  13. Eduard

    Problem with assigning EXT to L+R delay feedback

    When I assign my EV-1(EXT2) to the left and right delay feedback of my 2290 delay I can't save the preset. The feedback settings freak-out and go up and down. So only left is fine but as soon as I assign Right to the EXT2 as well then there seems to be an issue. It can't handle it. Is this a bug...
  14. rushfan

    Pete Thorn Freqs Out!

    Another fantastic Demo by Pete Thorn. The Digitech Freqout feedback creator. A new pedal that I just preordered, and I haven't bought a pedal in years! Just now I'll have to run a line from my rack to the floor for this one.
  15. thatrandomguy1

    Feedback issue

    I broke in my Axe FX II at rehearsal (while using a 5150iii power amp as a slave) into an orange 2x12 closed back tab, and it sounded phenomenal. It was easily better than any amp I've played. However, I tend to get feedback on my presets with more gain. I used a gate to help with the issue a...
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