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  1. Entasis

    List of parameters that can have a modifier assigned to them

    Amp Bypass Level Input Drive Overdrive Bass Mid Treble High Treble Presence Depth Master Volume Input Trim Input Boost Cut Fat Bright Switch Saturation Switch Boost Level Variac Tremolo Freq Tremolo Depth Input EQ Frequency Input EQ Gain Input EQ Definition Output EQ (On/off) Output EQ All Bands...
  2. Guitar Of Justice

    Modern Rock/Metal Lead/Solo Preset/Settings Recommandations and Advice

    Hi there I'm try to get a nice fat modern high gain lead tone for heavy rock, soft metal :) I'm interessted in your approaches to get this: What I know: high gain amp, reverb, delay 320ms, distortion stomp But there are so many options and settings possible, so my question to guys is: What...
  3. orion32773

    Block Library Problems (Amp Block)

    I've been using this feature over the past year with varied success. I also tried searching the manual for some clarification but can't seem to find anything. It's my understanding that I can dial in a specific amp and then save those amp settings in a block and recall it later within another...
  4. HurdyGuigui

    Wish Global blocks for IN/OUT/IRP/MUX/LPR

    I would like the blocks IN/OUT/IRP/MUX/LPR to have the global block option. I use them in all my presets, and some time when I make a change I need to scroll to all of my presets to make the same change. That would be much easier with global blocks. Specially IN and OUT, great for having...
  5. Roby Rocks

    The Mother-of-all-pedal-and-effects-emulations thread for AX8

    Once upon a time, dear people, there was The Mother-of-all-pedal-and-effects-emulations thread. An initiative to share emulated real-world pedal and effects on the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra. Then there is another two thread: Mama's back (for Axe-FX II) and Mama's back...again. And for AX8...
  6. The sevilian

    Blocks library "bug"

    I have a weird situation where i can save "block library preset" but... after a while when i enter one of the big presets ( Preset not scene) and going to a block, the little screen of "block library" doesn't show a name of that presets i saved earlier. The problem is when i'm trying to save a...
  7. voes

    Wish Option to make a block scene-independent

    Since there's a good chance that the III will include 3 AMP blocks, I wish there was an option on each block to select if it was Scene independent I would like to make one big Preset which would contain 3-4 AMPS (using different blocks or channels) and 8 scenes to change between FX settings...
  8. Bhargav Sarma

    Wish Save block values in scenes instead of just bypass state

    In the AX8, scenes can only toggle the bypass states of blocks. In a future firmware update, will it be possible for scenes inside a preset to retain values? For example, scene 1 will have a delay on with a mix of 50%. Scene 2 should have the value of the delay change to 20%. Like this, scenes...
  9. LeviathanKiller

    Wish Global Channels

    Global blocks have been implemented so that wish is fulfilled. What about global channels? I thought this was a dumb idea until after I gave it some detailed thought. (sorry Dr. Dipwad haha) I really do like the idea of global channels because I often have the same main drive settings for a...
  10. moerker

    AX8 Edit: Only put X or Y configuration in library

    Before storming on and posting this as an wish, I am curious if anybody has a workaround which does not use "copy X to clipboard, switch Preset, paste and save, then go back". I need something like this because I want to partially migrate block configurations over Presets (because, sometimes I...
  11. A

    Big Wish Here- Max/MSP/modular synth style editing of effects blocks

    Hey fractalers! Somewhat of a n00b here when it comes to customization of my AX8. I use it frequently for recording and playing shows, but as of lately have been more interested in it in terms of really making some trippy, modular synthy noise type sounds. I’ve been thinking about how cool it...
  12. S

    Wish Rename the blocks/scenes

    My wish for the FX-8 (the only one!!!): it would be great to rename the blocks, or at least the scene-blocks. cheers, Sigi
  13. Ytolyccuz

    Looking for latest List of Effect Emulations (Blocks)

    Hi, I stumbled upon somewhere in the forum that has this great list of blocks that replicate real world pedals. I couldn't seem to find it. Would love to try it out. :) Thanks!
  14. cnaufel

    Load Blocks into AX8-Edit - Is it possible?

    Maybe a silly question, but I never did that and could not find any reference. Is it possible to load (import) a "Block" (.blk) to an existing patch into the AX8 Edit Software?
  15. M

    AXE FX II and Ground Control Pro Scene/patch change help

    HELP 1. I cannot change patches (or select one of the 4 preset switches on the GCP) without losing the ability to use my two expression pedals. The green midi light won't even come on when the pedals are used/engaged. I have to select the two "EDIT" buttons, escape, and then make sure I do not...
  16. Flyman1955


    i have made several custom blocks. i use a specific block in several presets. is there a way to edit that block across the board so it is edited in all the presets...
  17. bluesk165

    How to set engage only 1 block with tap TEMPO?

    Hi ? Teachers, If I have blocks like FLA / PHA / DELAY in the rig. In this case, how can I set up to engage only one of 3 blocks with tap TEMPO switch ? Thanks.
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