Wish Rename the blocks/scenes

Two gigs with the FX8 so far and being able to name scenes would make this unit pretty much perfect!!!
Not sound like a Debbie Downer, but this has been an ongoing request for the Axe II since the introduction of Scenes, no action taken.
How many characters are folks wanting for scene names? This is something I would like too but there is no free lunch.

As an example, the Axe FX II XL+ has 768 presets with 8 scenes per presets which totals 6,144 scenes. The FX-8 has a total for 1,024 scenes.

If 16 characters were allocated for scene names (half the characters allowed for preset names), that means that space would need to be reserved in the Axe FX II XL+for 98,304 characters.

For the FX-8, it would need 16,384 characters. This memory would need to come from somewhere.
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