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Wish Rename the blocks/scenes


New Member
+1 on this. On some presets of mine it's hard to remember which scene does exactly what. I try to order from left to right, intro to solo, but some songs are weird and I have to jump back and forth to scenes out of order, again, not always being sure which one I'm going to. A three character scene name would be just fine.


We're getting no love from Fractal. Abandoned once we paid the admission fee.
you can't say that man. just because your wish is not granted does not mean they don't care anymore. you are one of those kids who want things done NOW! just wait it out. we waited longer than you did but you are used to getting things right away, i guess you have rich parents. if fractal abandoned their users, there won't be updates released. there won't be updates/support to the old Axe FX. But fractal still support the old units. No, what u are saying is false. Maybe go to Line 6 with their awesome scene/block displays. i don't like negative people.


New Member

Scene renames or custom footswitch labels would be great! i only use 1 preset per band on the FX8, the 8 scenes do the trick without dropouts.

Chris Bro

I feel like jumping on this wagon since I got my AX8 a couple weeks ago, and went searching for if this is possible. I'm using Presets, Scenes, and effects switching all on the same panel. I really don't care about renaming the FX because it's pretty intuitive (DRV, DLY, CHO, etc all make perfect sense to me, I don't need to know EXACTLY what they are at all times), but having my presets and scenes be able to show up as "CLN" or "DST" for example would be immensely helpful when I'm making changes on the fly. If this is still on the development list, I'm more than happy to update the request!

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