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  1. Slunk12345

    No Sound with Behringer Power Amp into 4x12 Peavey Invective speaker PLEASE HELP

    I'm new to using Axe-FX products but I tried hooking up my Axe-Fx II into my Behringer power amp into my Peavey Invective speaker using the 4 cable method (2 XLR cables from output 1 and 2 speakerON cables) but I can't seem to get any sound what so ever and it's starting to get frustrating...
  2. Sorenspete

    Power amp(s) for three 1x12 60w cabs

    Sorry if I have already discussed this but I thought I'd try to get my issue on paper properly in its own thread. So as some of you may have seen I recently acquired an adorable MESA/Boogie Engineering 1x12 Mini Rectifier cab. I intend to eventually (hopefully) have three of these and run my...
  3. S

    Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD - does anyone here use it?

    Hello, I'm looking into some audio interfaces, entry level obviously, and I'm particularly interested in the Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD. I've read some reviews, some oddball reddit posts and all that jazz, but I haven't found anything Axe FX related. Now, I'm not buying this to bypass the...
  4. Georgy

    Oh just another AX8 + Reaper ‘how do you re-amp in Reaper’ thread…

    Don’t worry, I’ve been trawling through both YouTube and various fractal forums but haven’t found anything concrete regarding re-amping with the AX8 and Reaper.. I’ve seen posts and clips of people re-amping their Axe FX’s with Reaper, or their AX8’s with Cubase, but I haven’t seen anything that...
  5. L

    Behringer FCB 1010 Not resetting!!! Help PLEASE!!!

    I just bought a used FCB 1010 from reverb, when I try to factory reset it with foot switches 1 and 6, it just starts up as usual where it displays E5 then EP then 3.1 can someone help me understand these? After that start up it sits at "EF" and all the pedals are flashing. I'm not sure if there...
  6. L

    FCB1010 sometimes not communicating with AxeFX II XL+

    How's it going! I couldn't find an answer anywhere so I decided to reach out since I'm very clueless. I own an Axe FX XL II and a FCB1010 loaded with the Eureka PROM, running them w two MIDI cables. They used to work great together but lately I've been running into an issue where the board...
  7. M

    FCB1010 and tap tempo

    I own Axe FX 2 XL+ and FCB1010 without uno chip. I set all needed functions up (which was not easy) except one damn thing - tap tempo. Has anybody managed to program tap tempo on FCB1010 to talk with Fractal correctly? thanks for help!!
  8. T

    Default pedal settings FCB1010 (MIDI)

    Hi folks, new here - I'm running an AxeFX II (Mark I) and I am controlling it via the Behringer FCB1010. The outer right expression pedal is by default routed to control a volume parameter - but it seems it's an input parameter as it will also impact the gain of the tone. Considering I want...
  9. Solitudezoso

    Eurekaprom vs Uno

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and I just bought an Axe Fx II XL. So far I love it and I'm interested in buying the Behringer FCB 1010 foot controller. However I've read that the recommended usage for foot controller involves buying one of two chips, the Eurekaprom or Uno. This is probably an...
  10. S

    Storing Presets on Behringer FCB1010 with Ultra?

    Hi guys, would someone very gently write me a step-by-step guide to how to store presets on the Behringer FCB1010 with no Eureka chip in it? It's quite a challenging pedalboard to me. Thanks!
  11. Georgy

    Who reckons their s.state power amp gives the same 'punch' as..

    Let me rephrase the question.. Who believes a solid state power amp (be it a Matrix or Behringer etc) can produce the same punch/air movement/'feel' etc etc, as their valve power amp/valve head through the same cab?? We're not talking FRFR here guys, we're talking non-FRFR. Curious to know...
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