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Recent content by Rexxyboy

  1. Rexxyboy

    AX8 5.03 or straight to 6.00???

    Quantum 6 just dropped for AXE MK1/II.. Trade-off is no older modelling revisions, which i don't mind at all. That said i'm still keen to sell off my MKII rack, RAC12 and MFC and go AX8 as my glory days are past me now !!
  2. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thanks so much Cliff, from myself and my MKII !!
  3. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    I would happily forego old models to allow v6 on my MKII !!
  4. Rexxyboy

    Is the Matrix GT1000FX Enough?

    My matrix is waaaay too loud :D:p:D
  5. Rexxyboy

    Selling AXE MK II and MFC for an AX8. Is that a vibe?

    2 years a happy AXE FX II and MFC owner for daily home studio use and gigs, love the thing. Should i take the plunge? Does it sound identical? I can work around only having one amp block and less CPU. The convenience of taking one less heavy case to gigs is a bonus. I'll miss the headphone...
  6. Rexxyboy

    RAC12 - New limited series batch launched

    I'm very happy with my purchase. I made a quick video going thru the functions. I have more to learn about the unit of course, but here is what i know thus far.
  7. Rexxyboy

    Teach me Sensei: Drive Pedals?

    As others have said, your neck pickup is driving way too hard, no fault of your own. Bridge is a lot nicer, better mids and less bottom end, Neck add s a ton of flubbiness which s you are hearing. But there might be other factors at play here, his I/O settings and global EQ settings may be...
  8. Rexxyboy

    A question about EMG pickups and red input lights....

    My guitars sound awful when Input 1 is set to anything above 10% on high gain amps, just turns to mush, its very sensitive, i'm using high output passive humbuckers.
  9. Rexxyboy

    Removing Top End Fizz

    The FIRST thing you should tell us is what your signal chain is from the guitar to your speakers (and what speakers they are) If you use SPDIF and your sample rate is set to 44, its FIZZ CITY, and its the only time i've ever had FIZZ on an AXE FX . And as for this tip i saw "..Maybe try cutting...
  10. Rexxyboy

    Just got a shipping notification for my new RAC12!

    I was really on the fence about getting one, but took the plunge, its on its way. Besides but i can't handle the empty space in my rack :D
  11. Rexxyboy

    AxeFX II XL+ sightings... x10

    Cool Post! Nice Rack.
  12. Rexxyboy

    Post Amp Moddeling FXloop EQ-ing Filtering low & highs & separate Block

    Are you using the real EL34 amp as a power amp only for your stage cab (EL34 FX return), or using the front input (EL34 pre-amp) ? Power Amp simulation is part of the AMP Block itself, I think you'll find it will sound fine leaving it on for your real cab setup, will give you some extra balls...
  13. Rexxyboy

    Vaping in front of your axe fx

    i'm gonna google the meaning of "Vaping", and then just move along.
  14. Rexxyboy

    Ultra Owner thinking of the big upgrade to the Axe Fx II XL+ -- Lots of questions!

    Just do it. Its a no brainer. AND there are still people on the hunt for old ULTRA's, so if you did want to sell it, that's a rebate right there.
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