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Recent content by DukeOfPrunes

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    Dumble for sale

    Epic comment!
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    Dumble for sale

    A 73 Strat for 450k! There's probably a sucker lawyer who's going to bye it! Wow, what did CBS do different to manufacture this gem? I had a 73 Sunburst Strat and sold it for 1200; go figure...
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    Eric Clapton documentary - good film

    Clapton and Townsend were huge before Jimi hit the scene. Clapton genuinely loved Jimi and was deeply affected when Jimi went to geetar heaven! Very tormented, Clapton knew deep down that Jimi's playing and compositional ideas were almost unattainable and he spent the rest of his life on his...
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    Get a pair of DXR 12s and you'll be in business, guaranteed.
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    RIP Walter Becker (Steely Dan)

    Another sad day, amongst many these days. What an amazing American legacy! The 70's would not have been the 70's without Walter.
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    Bogus receipt amount to fool wife?

    Photoshop is your friend...
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    if you get a virus issue when updating axe edit

    You jest could'nt reesist!;)
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    Yamaha DXR12 vs guitar frfr choices

    Yes, the DXRs are in the FRFR family, although not exactly flat.
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    RATT - Lay It Down solo

    Same magic touch, as always. Warren is my favorite hair metal guitarist! Truly enjoyed watching and hearing you again! Hopefully you will tour in Canada one day; I will support.
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    Yamaha DXR12 vs guitar frfr choices

    I have a pair of 12s and am very satisfied. Very good value IMO. From what I hear though, it sounds like a pair of 10s would do just fine for your application. Good luck!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    My original post got deleted. Too bad any reference of it can't be wiped out either. It was an obvious joke on my part, meant to instigate. My post history shows no evidence of any inclination on my part towards any L six persuasion. Late Thursday night failed attempt at humor, with no offense...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Yeah, I know. I'm so mis-understood for my taste in digital high gain sounding amp heads. Honestly, it sucks 'cuz I get called a poser, most of the time.
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    Rush Moving Pictures Classic Albums Bonus Material

    Thanks M@. A joy to watch!
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    New Bass Day: Pedulla content

    If it plays as good as it looks, you will ascend to bass heaven, sure I am...
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    DXR 10 vs DXR 12

    I have the DXR12s and am satisfied for the price, as they are very loud and move a fair amount of air if required. I think it's a good value proposition. I just think the 10s wouldn't quite be enough juice, although I have not tried them.
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