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Version 10.00 Stuff


Power User
Rumor has it that the FDA may be coming down on Cliff over all of this. Word is that he'll have to list potential side effects related in all new firmware release notes.

v10 may include:

  • Loss of sleep
  • Lack of appetite
  • Reduction of sexual activities
  • Soiled pants
  • Lack of desire to communicate with others
  • Reduced television viewership
  • Excessive telephone carryover minutes
  • Lack of GAS
  • Ringing of ears
  • Strained facial muscles from grinning
  • Excessive finger callousing

Flatulence was originally suspected, but was determined to be bean burrito related.
The reduction of sexual activities can't be true because I felt a flutter in my undercarriage just reading Cliff's post.


Fractal Fanatic
wholly frickin molly, yyyyyyyyyyes; and indeed JP comes to mind, posting his presets IIIIIIIIIINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSANE!!!


Imagine having to be satisfied with the old life where one was tied to the never-evolving sound of one amp or a sub-par all-in-one ice-pick generator rack unit that might get one or two FW upgrades in its' product life. Being part of the Fractal Army means having the privilege of always pushing the boundaries . You don't get any more spoiled than we are. I like being spoiled. Thank you for being obessed Cliff!!


Bravo! So many new and exciting stuffs. Might need a year to digest all that.

Many thanks for such great work.
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