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  • Hi Kenny, your inbox is full so I answer to your query here,

    You'll find everything in my guitar blog :

    Fremen's guitar blog

    latest available banks are here :

    Fremen's guitar blog: Firmware 7 banks - Update

    It also contains detailed presentation of almost every preset of bank A, and links to many videos.

    I'll keep this blog up to date as often as possible, as I constantly program/tweak new presets.

    Please use this email for donations : karinedr_1@hotmail.com
    It's absolutely not mandatory of course ;)

    Comments and suggestions about the blog are welcome !

    Best regards,

    Thibault (Fremen)

    Recorded with a Axe Fx Ultra, ToonTrack Superior drums, Studio Devil Bas Amp Pro, Ibanez and Agile guitars!
    Hey man, good to hear these tones... so psyched for an Axe. I'll be hanging for an AxeII.... I'm sure it will be 3 months before they reach Australia though.... keep it up bro.
    Here's a Diezel and Powerball guitars only clip v11 Ultra

    And here's a Uber and Recto v11 guitars only clip!
    Gaurdians of Asgaard Tone using the 5105 amp Axe Fx rightside!
    Cool...My first friend request. Thanks! I don't feel so alone anymore.hahahahaha
    Some mutha phuckin Acacia Strain!!
    Beast!! Axe FX Ultra right side D'oh! Axe Fx rightside!
    Impaler!Axe FX Ultra right side D'oh!! Axe Fx rightside!
    Amon Armarth Axe FX Ultra tone -- Axe Fx righ side D'oh!

    Cavalera Conspiracy Axe FX Ultra tone-- Axe Fx righ side D'oh!
    Take yer Axe FX.... slam that mofo.....tune a 8 strang geetar like a chainsaw.....sample a gunshot,use it as a snare.... add some meaty lowend and do a lead with a custom knife as a pick! It'll sound like THIS!
    Hey, I actually have an Intrepid, not an interceptor. Intrepids have a larger body and some other small changes I don't know off the top of my head. It does not have a whammy. It is neck thru, which is awesome! It plays very well and the upper fret access is phenomenal due to the body shape. It does have a bigger neck than the ibanezs (I hear) and mine has a 28.625'' scale. To be honest, I want to try the rg2228 because i have weak wrists and if I play my 8-string too long my hand gets tingly and burns. I hear the rg2228 has a much thinner neck profile, which I really want to check out so i don't injure myself. but despite the intrepid having a bigger neck, it is still easy to play and fast as hell.
    yeah well that clown talks shit with every metal sample on the recording area.That kid was asking advice and offering a free CDthe clown talks shit,plays like shit and is probably full of shit.i need some tweed to mellow out
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