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Apr 26, 2019 at 9:15 AM
Jul 30, 2008
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Apr 17, 1966 (Age: 53)
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Banana Republic of Mauritius
sub-editor in a newspaper

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Fractal Fanatic, Male, 53, from Banana Republic of Mauritius

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Viewing thread Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05, Apr 26, 2019 at 9:15 AM
    1. Veloso1978
      Hi .
      I would to know one thing please.
      I buy the preset for axe fx xl plus 128 presets and like to know when I got that presets on my mail?
      Thanks a lot.
      1. NightWalker
        when you buy the presets you get your download link right away
        Jan 4, 2019
    2. eyegore
      Hello! Saw your Quantum 10 video. Love that TDR's looper preset. Is it for sale or free? Could you share it? Please let me know.

      kind regards,
    3. Hoosierdaddy
      Freman: just wanted to say HI,haven't seen you around on here lately, hope you catching up on rest.
    4. gbarker
      Hi -- new AX8 user here. I read somewhere that you converted the AXE FX presets to AX8 .... where can I buy those?
    5. Benek
      Hi Fremen,

      My name is Marius and I just purchase the AX8 and would like to buy your presets pack for AX8 Quantum and I am wondering what I should do first? Pay at the paypal and then you will send me a link or something else. Please advice:

      My email address is mariusslowinski@gmail.com

      Kind regards,

    6. Julian Michael
      Julian Michael
      Fremen! Thanks a million for the presets. They sound amazing. I'm currently on tour w/ Justin Bieber and looking to switch from a regular amp setup to using my AX8 only. I'm totally new to this side as I've only used real amps and pedals, and I'm having a hard time getting sounds out of all the presets. I purchased your full pack, but I don't own cab lab or anything. How can I make sure all the presets are working?
    7. tiberiu
      hello , im Tiberiu from romania , i have one week to ax8 fractal and i don t like the factory presets and its no easy to work , you have so good presets , i wanna buy it , can i?
    8. ericar
      Fremen, Do you just have the 2 packs of presets for AXE FX? The acoustic and 5 scene.
    9. Gourdo
      gourdo@rogers.com ....Would like to get the 5 scene presets ....do you accept Visa ?
    10. Dave_L
      Hello fremen. I purchased your presets. Just like to say they are great. I just purchased a Line 6 JTV-59 Variax. I want to create a simple preset for the acoustic 6 & 12 string models. Was wondering if you could give a little advice on what to start with. I would like to keep it very basic. Just not sure where to start. Thanks in advance.
      1. fremen
        Hello ! In the Axe-Fx my very first rpeset is for the variax acoustic sounds. It's like the acoustic sim preset but with a flatter EQ
        May 23, 2016
    11. TimMcG1011
      Hey Fremen...New to Fractal. In fact just got my invitation to purchase AX8 this week. How do I purchase presets?
      1. fremen
    12. CaymanSMC
      I did not know if you knew this but the noise gate settings are all off in the XL+ preset bank A
    13. Gorilla
      Thank you fremen!! You rock
    14. javi ferrari
      javi ferrari
      Hello Fremen.
      I´m from Spain, I have axe 2. I see your videos on youtube and really like them. It´s posible that you will send your banks, are the best sounds I've heard the axe.
      My mail: analca0705@gmail.com
    15. TazDesVilles
      Hello Fremen,

      Je te connais bien plus que tu me connais, étant un lecteur assidu du forum Axe et Axe II, dont tu es une référence, tant en pertinence qu'en ouverture d'esprit.
      Je vais comme tous les autres (rançon de la gloire ;-)) de demander si par hasard tu avais toujours des presets de l'axe avec un firmware 11.0, car je viens juste de flasher mon Standard.

      Et je me permets également (ouah le fou !) de demander un avis avisé :

      Je joue sur un Std avec un baffle Bogner 2X12 oversized en V30, motorisé par un VHT BB bien connu. Le passage à l'axe 2 me tente pas mal pour la partie USB, réglage direct mais question récurrente : l'amélioration de son justifie-t-elle l'upgrade ?

      merci pour tout et je te souhaite une excellente et belle journée sur ton ile !

      Taz Devil
    16. outsider
      hello fremen
      my name is johny dee from germany. i see your preset work and videos on you- tube and i really really like them. i performe as a musician live ( guitar and vocals ). i got my axe fx 2 in march. hope you can help me out cause i am useless with computers and i would like to ask you if it is possible to get your presets from 5.07. I wish I could give you something in return but have no idea what??!!! maybe i can help you if you ever come to europe that we arrange some gigs to play together. I live near cologne wish is one of the citys with lots of music and performance. we can play together and have a good time. ore you suggest what i can give you in return. my e-mail : dj999991@yahoo.de hope to hear from you and keep your wonderfull playing for all of the fans of good music. Regards Johny dee OUTSIDER
    17. citro
      Hello fremen, i´m from Spain, I had your standard presets, and now i have axe 2. It´s posible that you will send your banks, are the best sounds I've heard the axe.
      My mail is citro_z@hotmail.com
      Thanks, Thanks, Thanks
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    Apr 17, 1966 (Age: 53)
    Home Page:
    Banana Republic of Mauritius
    sub-editor in a newspaper
    music, guitar, recording, reading, cinema


    Beta tester : Fractal Audio, cabIR impulse responses
    https://fremenpresets.com/ PRESETS
    www.youtube.com/thibderob YouTube channel