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    FOR SALE - AXE FX II Unit has been in my home studio in the 4U case it’s shown in. CASE NOT INCLUDED! Mint Condition….. I just never use it! First $1,200 gets it! Plus shipping, but would rather have local pickup ((I DON’T TRUST UPS / USPS / FEDEX / or DHL!)) Chicago area
  3. Gorilla

    Judas Priest - The Sentinel (vocal & instrumental cover)

    WOW that vocalist is BADASS!!! cool cover
  4. Gorilla

    Frozen axe Fx II

    Thanks for replies, it seems to have fixed itself. I'm just waiting for it to do this again. Hopefully NOT at the wrong time.
  5. Gorilla

    Frozen axe Fx II

    ok! Thanks for all replies guys! I'll try these tips when I get back home. This unit has been reliable from day one. My bud did lean his guitar against my rack the other night, maybe it leaned on a knob (HOPEFULLY ITS JUST THAT!!!) Thanks again for all replies much appreciated.
  6. Gorilla

    Frozen axe Fx II

    Axe Fx II mk1 I'll contact support
  7. Gorilla

    Frozen axe Fx II

    No USB connected and no MFC. Thanks for reply lol post says frozen AXE FX II...it's backed up. It did let me use a preset, once. Then just froze up again. I turn it "on" and all lights stay "on". Just started this out of the blue, been running perfect before this.
  8. Gorilla

    Frozen axe Fx II

    Jammed last night everything running great. quantum v.6 Tonight I go to fire up my trusty Axe Fx II and....all lights stay on. Unit is frozen. Can't change presets, axe edit will not connect. tried holding the recall button on restart. Still nothing, complete silence.. help anyone, Thanks
  9. Gorilla

    how did you fix this? My axe fx II has done this tonight at practice. It's frozen up all lights...

    how did you fix this? My axe fx II has done this tonight at practice. It's frozen up all lights on. Thanks
  10. Gorilla

    Metallica 'Hardwired... to self-destruct' guitar tones, presets and video!

    sounds Greta! Too bad I don't have a XL+ lol
  11. Gorilla


    Thanks for listening to this guys. Surprised there's DOOM fans in here!!!
  12. Gorilla

    Under The Sign Of... VENOM & BATHORY!

    NICE!!! countess \,,/ ...dont burn the witch \,,/ ... black metal \,,/ ... in league with satan \,,/ ... \,,/ seven gates... \,,/ buried alive \,,/ ... welcome to hell!!! ... i missed a few
  13. Gorilla

    Bloodstone - Judas Priest Cover

    Haven't heard that tune in a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG time. Nice
  14. Gorilla

    Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack!

    THAT.... was BADASS!
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