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Version 10.00 Stuff


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AMAZING! Just one please!?
Please keep all parameters adjustable via the front panel. Maybe I misunderstood but I think that it is great to have everything within the black box and not to be dependent on a computer to make changes. Not even bias excursion changes.
Most Greatfully Please if it is possible?!?


Models now default to a starting Master Volume setting when selected. Also, the proper setting for non-MV amps is now a Master Volume setting of 10.0. Non-MV amps, therefore, will default to a value of 10.0 when selected. Furthermore, the MV taper for amps with master volume controls now matches the actual amp. If more MV drive is desired for non-MV amps, the new MSTR VOL TRIM parameter in the Advanced GUI page can be used to increase (or decrease) the Master Volume.

Changed outermost bands in all graphic EQs to shelving types.
these are awesome important changes, so maybe i'll record my tutorial about creating new presets after 10 is launched.

great work as always, cliff.


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Can't wait to try these Petrucci? patches... and thanks Cliff & Co for making all this possible!
Matt just got back from several days at the studio. Fortunately I was able to get my latest epiphany into the firmware literally hours before the sessions started. The engineer, who has 38 gold and platinum records to his credit, and a certain muscly, bearded guitar player, were "blown away" by the beta version of 10.00 we put on their box. According to the guitar player "Version 10.00 is mind-blowing".

The good news is that we have permission to share the presets and tone matches. As soon as V10 is ready we'll put them up on Axe-Change.

... and Richard Chycki? Google is my friend. Whether Google is telling the truth or not is another story. :D


I wish there was an ETA on the release date of this, since I need to plan a week off from work soon... *puppyeyes*
I'm so stoked, already loving this box so much, and it just keeps growing, where will it end? :)


FW9 is awesome, I can't imagine how could it still be better, but I know for a fact that it will be... and this is scary in a good way. WOW!
Every new major firmware release makes the Axe-FX feels like I've bought a brand new device. Just when you think what could be next, another curtain is drawn back and reveals the madness that is the magic of Cliff and team. The FAS team is a machine that doesn't stop or settle for good enough.

For that I say THANK YOU!


"Added "Solo 100 Clean" model based on the clean channel of a Soldano SLO100."


I know that's kinda minor in the grand scheme of v10 but that's on my list of 5 models I'd love in the Axe.

Looking forward to this one on many many levels.
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