No More Tears Solo

I did start using that pattern and thought I had it down before I shot the video but blanked while shooting, lol. Definitely that section needs to be better on my part.

Just getting through a song while shooting is a major accomplishment for me now. The nerves start triggering Parkinson's symptoms, so I'm always thinking:
-are the tremors going to get violent in the middle of this? This is usually up to me, I can bring this shit on by worrying/nerves/self induced stress.
-are the tremors visible?
-is my camera (iPhone) on? Am I sitting in the right position? Am I "dancing" too much (caused by the meds I'm on)?
-are my tracks armed in Logic?
-don't forget to smile Mark, this is not a root canal.
The list is almost endless, lol.
Totally understood! Sorry to hear about the Parkinson's :(

As I said, great playing! I thought this might be helpful since you mentioned that section in particular and seem to be a fellow perfectionist.

Oh, and there can never be "too much dancing" :)
Am a big Sabbath fan who, prior to this album, did not quite gel with Ozzy solo stuff (except for Live Tribute), but No More Tears brought Ozzy into focus for me in the early 90s - played the bits
off the cd at the time! Your rendition: awesome and inspirational as always - - thankyou sir
A little Ozzy's No More Tears...Feel better Todd D. Bishop!! I gave it my best, but there's plenty of sloppiness in the fast part.
Using my Axe-Fx III and Gibson Les Paul Axcess.

Nice job!

I played this solo live once or twice, and took some liberties in that fast section in the end to allow myself to play it more cleanly. Always appreciate when someone can play it right and make it look so effortless. Sign of a master.

Consider this as more encouragement to post more videos!
If I were to critique, I'd say the fast part at ~1:00 could be cleaner by choosing a different picking pattern. Listening to the record, it sounds like there are some strategic pull-offs in there. I was having success with this pattern:

v ^ p v p

So, down, up, pull-off, down, pull-off.
I think the first beat is d-u-h-p-d-u, but the rest sounds all picked. You have 5 items there though and it's a sextuplet lick.

ZW seems to be going for this during the faster bit at the end. I marked where he (maybe) unintentionally frets the 3rd string.
I've been listening to this non-stop for two days. That pinch harmonic at 2:00 gives me goose bumps every time. Epic stuff!
Hi Mark, great rendition of that solo!

Question; at the end of the solo I see you depress a push/pull knob - what's that doing? Onboard preamp?
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