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Mark Day
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  • Mark, I recently bought the AxeFx III (my first fractal product) and was looking at the different tones available on AxeChange and found yours on there. I was absolutely blown away! The tones are exactly what I've been searching for for YEARS but never been able to achieve. Thanks so much for putting those together and for uploading them online for others to use! Have a good day!
    Mark, loved the sound of your new video, Separate Ways....with the AXE FX III...
    Where was the keyboard player, or was that just a backing track of one?
    Hey Mark was curious about Gravity picks saw you on their artist page and wanted your opinion, if you don’t mind?
    Hey Mark,
    Been enjoying your YouTube videos on the AX8. Can't seem to find any of your AX8 patches to download...was wondering if you could send some to me or direct me where to find them. My email is cpgano@columbus.rr.com..Thanks so much...Chris
    a couple years ago, I was looking at various Van Halen guitar covers on Youtube , and ran across some of yours. and after seeing them over the next year I'm thinking "man this guy sounds WAY better with his Fractal thing then I EVER can even with my EVH amp" SO last week I finally got my own AX8 ,Holy Smokes , it sounds so good, ...thanks ,!!
    Hey, I'm new to the AX8.. Can I connect my AX8 to active speakers using 1/4 jack to RCA connectors in the back of the monitors I have? Cheers.
    Can you tell me the way to record video and audio of myself playing over a backing track. I can record video and audio of myself playing thru my axfx but don't know how to get the backing tack on there. thanks
    Hey Mark ! Glad to see your re-location went so smoothly ! I was concerned that you were leaving Fractal, good to know that's NOT the case ! Good Luck to you and Roxie, I'm sure you two are going to be very happy ! .... But, instead of "FAS Artist in Residence" ..., shouldn't your form handle read "FAS Artist in Canada, eh" ;-)
    Hi Mark sorry to bug you. I posted a msg on your post "Steve Lukather Ballad solos" but I know your a very busy guy.
    As I said, thanks again for sharing the blocks for us poor non XL guys. Do you have a screenshot or something, anywhere to show the patch layout?

    Hi Mark-

    I saw your post from a few years back about using an 003r with Garageband. I'm trying to do this, but I can't seem to get my Mac Pro (mid 2012) to acknowledge the 003r. Am I missing a driver?
    Hi Mark,
    Your YouTube clips RE: Axe FX are amazing and just prompted me to order an Axe FX II. Thank you!!
    hello again mark
    i pushed the wrong button and sended the mail little to fast sorry.
    so last websight Wix.com ratpack created by joergenviking based on blank bottom

    my regards to you
    Hey, not sure if you tried to send me a message back or not but I cleared out my inbox. Got a notice it was full. You're the only one I have sent a message to so hopefully it was you.
    Hi Mark, I'm from Toronto and been watching your vids for about 2 years now. Really enjoy your tone and chops. It's nice to see a fellow Canadian so prominently discussed on this board. Too bad you are in the midst of being exported, but I certainly understand the motivation there!

    I really dig your Uber patch(s), did you ever post them somewhere, or these are top secret and part of your proprietary sound?

    Thanks and good luck at TM, I will be following your work!

    All the best,
    Hi Mark, Thanks for your You Tube demo, I learn a lot from you, Can you please give me more details how you do the two presets with the Spill Delay?
    I have the Ultra and GCP (Like you, but you play better) Many Thanks, Shorek - Israel.
    Hi Mark,
    Wondering if you can shoot me some of your killer patches?
    Anything you could send would be appreciated.
    email address is cflanary91@yahoo.com.
    Thanks for the add. Keep up the awesome work on your vid's, faces, humor and offcourse playing ;)
    I'm near the end of my wait, then it's time to catch up :p
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