Great Job Mikko :), ML Chaotic Arrangements, ML Chops Of Life, ML Charge Of Panic is my favorites

Thank you :)
Yeah those are some of my favorites as well! :) The "Chops Of Life" / "Jaws Of Life" guitar tone is scientifically pretty much dead on perfect. I believe that's the Alloy Ace = USA Trad SM57-MD421 01 IR. That being said the Systematic Chaos guitar tone is my favorite Petrucci guitar tone. :) Panic Attack is full on Recto type goodness!
Last night I spend an hour to try this updated presets and the ir's in UltraRes 2 - wow...I was blown away bv that sound. I'm actualy an Marshall type of guy but this was amazing in feel and sound. All of them sound great. For lead sounds is the "Chaotic Arrengements" (USA Lead) preset my favorit. Amazing lead sound without a drive pedal, which I normaly use for leads. Tweaked the low and high cuts to suit my guitar and pickups aswell as addind delay and reverb. I did some Santana playing with it...great.

This is a little clip with the "Chocolate Cake" from the preset bundle in Cab Pack 7 and added only a delay block and lowered the high cut in the cab block.

Do you have any plans to release preset/cab bundles for pack 13?
Hey there! I haven't really thought about it much. That pack kind of is so easy to work with that the presets I create with it are usually really simple. I might ask Misha about the preset they used for the new album if he'd be interested in sharing that with Cab Pack 13. :)
Sort of resurrecting this thread.

I haven't redownloaded any cab packs - and by the look of my cab pack archive folder on my computer I've purchased the vast majority of them - so honest question here...

Is it worth it do redownload all of them and then take the time to over write the appropriate user slots on my XL ?

ALL Cab Packs that were originally in UR have been reconverted ?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere..
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