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  1. axes

    Does anyone have a good 2290 chorus setting a'la JP?

    I'm looking for a 2290 chorus emulation similar to what JP uses. I know there are many 2290 delay emulations but I'm specifically looking for the chorus sound. It's done in the Axe 3 in JP's rig so it's in the FX loop of the JP2C: @Cooper Carter do you maybe have an idea about how that's done...
  2. cdub

    Dream Theater - Another Day

    Just made some slight tweaks to Gurtej Singh's Goodnight Kiss patch that he has posted. Great song that is really personal for me currently.
  3. Jack_Zan

    Dream Theater - “These Walls” cover + Preset

    Here is my cover of these walls by dream theater, in the video description you will find the patch for your axe fx :D tell me what you think! amp 1 Usa Brt Lead+ Amp 2 Usa Clean scene 1: Clean + fx scene 2 : Crunch + Flanger scene 3 : Rithm Scene 4 : Solo
  4. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - S02E05 - Dial It in - The Best of times by John Petrucci + FREE preset!

    It's finally here folks! Thank you to everyone who have eagerly waited for this preset of ToneQuest!. In this Episode we are looking at the incredible tone from The Best of Times by the one and only John Petrucci! And yes, FREE preset as always on the Axe Change! Hope you guys like it! Cheers 😉
  5. Fredrik Pihl

    AFIII Dream Theater - "The Best of Times" guitar solo

    Hey Fractal fans! Yesterday I used my Axe Fx 3 to do a cover of John Petrucci's amazing solo on the song "The Best of Times" Used a Friedman HBE amp for the tone. Hope you dig it.
  6. gurtejsingh

    John Petrucci's Tone Secrets - 7 Milliseconds Secret Sauce!

    Hey guys! New video up on the channel. Not really a preset, but join me in dialing in the 7 milliseconds secret sauce from John Petrucci's incredible lead guitar tone on the Axe FX 2! Hope you all like it and enjoy! Cheers.
  7. Fredrik Pihl

    AFIII Dream Theater - “Another day” solo

    Hey guys! So I tried this classic Petrucci solo the other day using my Axe Fx 3. Such a killer tone machine!!
  8. MattBowman

    AFIII Incredible Dream Theater cover by 15 y/o phenomenon Owen Davey

    In case you didn't see the posts on our Fractal Audio Instagram or FB, check out this absolutely ridiculous cover of the Dream Theater song This Dying Soul by 15 year old Owen Davey using his Axe-Fx III. It would be one thing for someone his age to play this song on any instrument, but Owen...

    "Dream Tones" ML Artist Pack | Based on all John Petrucci's guitar tones

    Learn more: As if it wasn't clear already I'm a huge fan of JP. Not only that but this has got to be the most requested pack throughout all the years and it was requested again multiple times in the 2019 survey so I present to you "DREAM TONES" based on John Petrucci's...
  10. MattBowman

    AFIII Dream Theater - Home solo and full cover

    Ok so it's taken awhile haha, but I finally finished recording the whole song Home from Dream Theater using the JP2C yellow. I've made a quick playthrough video of the solo and I'll post the soundcloud and youtube links for the entire recording(didn't make a playthrough) as well. You can find...
  11. Burgs

    JP's. Too much fun! Here's my take on a preset (and video demo).

    I know the greats have already covered these new models found in 5.05 but since I own a JP15-7 BFR I had just had to have a crack at one myself. So here's a free preset* with 8 Scenes based on the guitar's pickups, what I think sounds cool, and my unfortunate ignorance of most things JP and...
  12. B

    Other People's Presets

    I am a bit curious as to why there seems to be a huge difference in sound from other presets I have tried from Axe-Exchange and on the forums here. Listening to others play via videos or sound examples they sound killer. However when I try them they are thin, fizzy, no bottom end etc. ect. I...
  13. MattBowman

    AFIII Dream Theater - "Fatal Tragedy" solo with preset

    What's your favorite Dream Theater guitar solo? In honor of the 20th anniversary of Scenes From A Memory being played in full on the Distance Over Time Tour, here's my favorite solo off that album, Fatal Tragedy! I got a decent tonematch of Petrucci's actual solo(wasn't perfect as the stem had...
  14. Igor Paspalj

    DT - “Erotomania” solo cover - ML cab pack

    Hi all, Here's my take on one of the coolest John Petrucci solo's imho :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 as usual, this time with my custom scalloped Ibanez premium and very cool ML sound lab USA traditional 4x12 ir. Hope you gonna like it, Cheers!

    AFIII Axe-Fx III + GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: 1h Song Challenge (Preset)

    It's been too long since I've written a song and it sadly shows. Anyways this was a write-as-you-record type of session and this is what came out. The preset on the Axe-Fx III was super simple. I mixed in two of the stock IR's unsurprisingly shot by myself: Factory 2 - 1005: 4x12 USA Bulb 57 B1...
  16. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Dream Theater - Another Day (guitar solo cover) PATCH INSIDE!

    DREAM THEATER - ANOTHER DAY (JOHN PETRUCCI'S GUITAR SOLO COVER) Hello everyone! This time I played one of my favorite guitar solos. I tried to get as close as possible to the sound of John Petrucci. Check it out! More videos here: Patch...
  17. Igor Paspalj

    DT - Under The Glass Moon solo cover

    Hi Everyone! Here's my take on this super awesome solo! Using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, with "ML Sound Lab" factory cabs in stereo: (4x12 USA TRAD 57-121 left) (4x12 USA TRAD 906-421 right) BTW, entering ML Sound Lab competition as well, for a chance to win some awesome cab packs :) Guthrie...
  18. Igor Paspalj

    John Petrucci - "Glasgow Kiss" Cover

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on this great tune by amazing John Petrucci. Using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  19. Burgs

    Music Man JP15-7 ... Clean!

    I recently took possession of this incredible instrument. I'm no shredder to speak of so I'm using it to try and expand my creativity in other ways. It features a mighty piezo facility so I've written a single preset that gives me: 1. Clean Triptik with Timmy OD; 2. Piezo/Acoustic accomodation...
  20. DanielBerzerk

    John Petrucci / LTE Tones

    Does anyone have any they can share? Thanks.

    Free John Petrucci Presets for Axe-Fx II and AX8

    Hey girls and dudes! I got some feedback that the Preset-Cab Bundles I created for the UltraRes 2.0 version of Cab Pack 7 didn't load on the AX8 so I decided I'd share all those presets for free. Obviously you need the pack for the IR's but other than that you should be good to go with these...

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    All Cab Packs in the Fractal Audio Systems Cab Pack Store have now been converted to UltraRes 2. As some of you may remember Cab Pack 7 is based on the Mesa™ 4x12 Recto® Traditional Straight Cab which is used by many people including John Petrucci. Back when that Cab Pack came out there were no...
  23. Igor Paspalj

    Dream Theater - The Best of Times solo Q 3.2 (video)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on, In my opinion, one of the best John solos. Started with a tone match, and then started tweaking it, so at the end it's probably not the same, but I really digg this sound - It's so effortless under the fingers :) Latest Quantum 3.02 firmware, of course :) All...
  24. Cooper Carter

    Petrucci "Our New World" Astonishing Preset

    Had to dial in this tone and jam on this killer riff a bit. Enjoy. Audio Preset Scene 1 is rhythm. Scene 2 is lead--uses slightly tweaked amp (EQ) and drive (dr/lv) blocks.

    New Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C amplifier!

    Read about it in here: So apparently it's all about IIC+ sounds. IIC+ clean and two IIC+ lead channels with their own GEQs.
  26. TheTrooper

    The Gift of Music - Dream Theater | Solo Cover| w/ PRESET (and TAB too)

    I will bother you guys one more time this week, 'cause I covered the Solo section from the new Dream Theater song, "The Gift of Music", from their upcoming album "The Astonishing". Their FB page(s) posted this a couple of days ago, and I must say that I'm really digging the song. It wasn't too...
  27. S

    Dream Theater - The Dance of Eternity - Guitar Cover

    Finally decided to create a video for 'The Dance of Eternity'. I've only learned about half of it, but thought it would be fun to make a video. Wicked fun to play! I also want to say how much I love the Axe Fx, it really is a great piece of hardware and software! The preset is something I...
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