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  1. Guitarjon

    'Dreadneck' Some swampy rock (Euro RED)

    Hi guys, I recently made this track with my JTV-59 into the Axe FX XL+. The Euro red amp still is kind of like an undiscovered secret for me but everytime I try it I end up loving it. I was feeling kinda swampy, sound-gardeny when I wrote this track. For the cabs I used the M25 speaker option...
  2. Guitarjon

    Rockin' the Q6 wah and Recto's (New OH California Duo TRAD)

    Hi guys, Haven't had a lot of time to hang around here lately but I'm happy to be back! I'm really impressed with the new Q6 Recto amps. I've always loved them but now Cliff has reached a new level of awesomeness! I'm also really diggin' the new wah's. Yeah, I'm a Hammett fan and not ashamed to...

    Clark Kent Job - Strangers (Music Video) and FREE IR's!

    This is actually a song from my bands EP from last year. This was the song that we changed the tuning for to make it a bit meaner sounding and we matched the Axe-Fx to sound just like the real Mark IV and Traditional Mesa 4x12 cabinet we used for the rest of the EP. The IR's used here can be...

    Free John Petrucci Presets for Axe-Fx II and AX8

    Hey girls and dudes! I got some feedback that the Preset-Cab Bundles I created for the UltraRes 2.0 version of Cab Pack 7 didn't load on the AX8 so I decided I'd share all those presets for free. Obviously you need the pack for the IR's but other than that you should be good to go with these...

    My first blast beats: Mesa IIC+ Gothic Chaos (Cab Pack 7)

    Although it's not the Cab Pack that gets used much these days I always love going back to the pack that started it all for me Cab Pack 7: CK's USA Traditional 4x12 UltraRes. I used the CK CHAOTIC ARRANGEMENTS IR for this song and of course Cab Pack 11 for bass as I always do. :) For those who...

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    All Cab Packs in the Fractal Audio Systems Cab Pack Store have now been converted to UltraRes 2. As some of you may remember Cab Pack 7 is based on the Mesa™ 4x12 Recto® Traditional Straight Cab which is used by many people including John Petrucci. Back when that Cab Pack came out there were no...
  7. actionjackson12


    Anyone else feel like they spend more time "programming" than playing? I would love to see how others approach using the axe-fx MKII/MFC-101 to really simplify, control, and access everything quickly and effortlessly...like a traditional rig (I miss having 5 knobs to control my amp etc.) MY...
  8. Guitarjon

    Ownhammer MES-Trad 4x12 V30 clippage! Best cab ever? Quantum crunchies!

    Woohoooo the new forum is up! I missed you guys :) Since the forum went down Ownhammer has released some great new IR's! This time Kevin has FINALLY released IR's of the famous Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 cab! Not only is this probably the best IR pack I ever tried but it also features 2...
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