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  1. Riccardo Ros

    RR JP2C - Yep... another Petrucci inspired preset!

    Hi all! I just created a simple JP2C preset and for the sake of sharing... here we are! Some parts are created following the hints from the video series MESA/Boogie JP-2C – John Petrucci Ch. 1/2/3 (available on YouTube) but then adjusted to taste. As I stated it's a really simple preset that...
  2. Jack_Zan

    Dream Theater - "Strange Deja Vu" Tone Match

    hi guys, I tried to make a tonematch of the sound of petrucci from scenes from a memory, for me the best sound it had. I found online some isolated guitars from the album and so I got to work, for those wishing to try the patch the download link is in the video description! let me know about it!
  3. S

    My favorite Petrucci tones with JP2C

    Check out this preset! I used a tone match block that was uploaded by another user (which was made for a different amp I think), and I have done a lot of tweaking. I am using a PRS 7SE with Illuminators and I'm going direct into a pair of Xitones powered by the Matrix GT1000FX...
  4. Javialtonaga

    Petrucci´s Scenes AX8

    I´m a proud new user of the AX8 unit. This is a preset I've made inspired on Petrucci´s sounds. Not perfect tones but decent IMHO. I share it with you and only ask for feedback to get better with my tones!! Hope you like it! ;)
  5. wyzyguy

    G3 - Detroit

    I work downtown Detroit and didn't realize that G3 was coming thru now. Petrucci, Satriani & Phil Collen ( no the other one)..... Right down the street... I walked up the the Box Office and bought and 3rd row center stage tix...... Better than most Monday's!!!!! I will post some clips and...
  6. Guitarjon

    Some DT inspired (prog)metal

    Hi guys, Wanted to have some fun and write some DT-ish parts. I used the MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer 2x12 Zilla IR. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Guto Mantesso

    Preset sound like Mats Haugen solo guitar on Nine album (Circus Maximus)

    Hello, I would like to get a preset (AXE FX II) with a sound like Mats Haugen used in his guitar solos on Nine album. I think that the sounds like whit the Petrucci or Marco Sfogli. If anybody has a preset to share here, tks a lot.
  8. Sunny12

    New Album - Crazy Solo Playthrough \m/

    Hey guys, Been a while but here's a (pretty hectic!) solo from my band Prospekt's new album released next week - completely recorded with the almighty Axe FX and mastered by Jens Bogren! :) Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Cheers!! Lee
  9. A

    Cool Video on Recording Petrucci's Guitar

    Just watched this cool video of Richard Chycki going over how they record Petrucci's guitar. Very cool and way more in depth then I thought it would be...
  10. halen5150

    John Petrucci Mark II C++ Preset

    Now that the quantumn 7 beta 2 is released, the bottom end sounds more tight and aggressive. Hope you enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/7a15b6nni3p7ziq/John+Petrucci%28Scene1+2%29.syx
  11. dtpancio

    Dream Theater - Our New World Intro

    Everything started from this thread. I ended up using both IRs, the Petrucci V30 Mix and the other I think is from OH, not ML, double tracking the guitars and panning them stereo. Drum and bass are midi. Not perfect but hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
  12. C

    Mesa Mark IV - Pull me under - Cover

    Hello fellow Axers! It has been the pleasure of my life :rolleyes: to record these guitar parts over this great backing track. First I have to say that I’m more than impressed of the simulations Cliff made possible within this Axe-FX II XL+. These amp sims are mind blowing :screamcat:. All...
  13. dtpancio

    Petrucci V30 Mix-like IRs

    I tried many Mesa cab IRs, from the stock library, the free ones from ML, some stuff from Ownhammer, etc. but no one match Petrucci's tone like the Petrucci V30 Mix. Can you tell me what's the closest UltraRes IR (or a combination of two) to the Petrucci V30 Mix? Thanks in advance.
  14. Ravaya

    Need - Rememory (Axe II inside)

    Hello all. This is Rememory, first track and video off our new album coming out January Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  15. Azael

    Dream Theater “Another Day” Guitar Solo TM

    Hi guys, amazing solo by John Petrucci with a Tone Match, I think is pretty close, any comment is welcome!!
  16. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Caught in a Web | Video Cover (New Guitar Day!) (Cab Pack 13)

    Hey guys, I recently got this beast and I needed to do a video with it :cool: I'm running a Dual Amp configuration, with a Dual Recto/L and a Mark IIC+/R with 2 IRs from Cab Pack 13: SM57- MD421 02 and SM57- R121 03 (I think......but it works best with just the 1st IR on both sides) I had to...
  17. V

    Petrucci chorus setting

    Hey forum, Just upgraded from the Axe Standard to an AX8 and...Woah! What an upgrade. I loved the Standard but this thing is a whole different bundle of perfection. Anyways, I posted a thread a long time ago looking for good settings for the lush, broad chorus Petrucci uses for his big...

    Free John Petrucci Presets for Axe-Fx II and AX8

    Hey girls and dudes! I got some feedback that the Preset-Cab Bundles I created for the UltraRes 2.0 version of Cab Pack 7 didn't load on the AX8 so I decided I'd share all those presets for free. Obviously you need the pack for the IR's but other than that you should be good to go with these...

    My first blast beats: Mesa IIC+ Gothic Chaos (Cab Pack 7)

    Although it's not the Cab Pack that gets used much these days I always love going back to the pack that started it all for me Cab Pack 7: CK's USA Traditional 4x12 UltraRes. I used the CK CHAOTIC ARRANGEMENTS IR for this song and of course Cab Pack 11 for bass as I always do. :) For those who...

    John Petrucci fans pay attention!

    All Cab Packs in the Fractal Audio Systems Cab Pack Store have now been converted to UltraRes 2. As some of you may remember Cab Pack 7 is based on the Mesa™ 4x12 Recto® Traditional Straight Cab which is used by many people including John Petrucci. Back when that Cab Pack came out there were no...

    New Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C amplifier!

    Read about it in here: http://www.mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/electric/mark-series/jp2c/index.html So apparently it's all about IIC+ sounds. IIC+ clean and two IIC+ lead channels with their own GEQs.
  22. TheTrooper

    Two Clips to show a cool Delay (w/Preset)

    Following my request to get a specific delay sound that JP used back in 1998 (The origianl thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/get-that-kind-of-delay-out-of-the-axe-fx.106679/ ) (and thanks to the help of simeon and Rotti, I should add) I recorded these two little clips to show how...
  23. Guitarjon

    Ownhammer MES-Trad 4x12 V30 clippage! Best cab ever? Quantum crunchies!

    Woohoooo the new forum is up! I missed you guys :) Since the forum went down Ownhammer has released some great new IR's! This time Kevin has FINALLY released IR's of the famous Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 cab! Not only is this probably the best IR pack I ever tried but it also features 2...
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