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AFIII Presets "Fremen's Picks" for Axe-Fx III

Third-party preset or preset pack for the Axe-Fx III
Pack updated to 12.06 ! And a bonus preset added too. This is a major update, with many tweaks, not only to the amp block. I also added scenes in some presets

Salut Thibault
Awsome ..... an other great way to spend our time ,
What s next , cleans & ambiant ...??,
Take care......
As a prospective buyer for packs bundle in your website, may I expect another birthday sale
on 4/17/20 again? Any plan on a total bundle pack including Amp, Pink Floyd as well as go-to picks?
Hello, I forgot I did that for my birthday, but why not ! There's already a bundle for the Amp packs, for the others I wanted to complete my releases first, and I have a few packs left. I don't want to offer a bundle and then release other packs afterwards. However, when asked I can give discounts, for more than 3 packs bought together
I'm also thinking about making a small "quarantine" free pack, with a few presets from each of my existing packs, but I'll finish updating existing packs first. I have two left to do
oui, pire, tous les supermarchés, tous les commerces sont fermés
Translated, lol. I must have way too much time on my hands. Sounds like a song:D
Are you also confined Thibaut?
yes, worse, all supermarkets, all shops are closed
What do people do for food with supermarkets closed? Are pharmacies open? Those two are the biggest typical exceptions here (US) plus gas, car repair etc.
All are closed until 31th March. The Government is trying to organize distribution to those in need. But it's a big mess. And since two videos of police brutality were shared on social network (trust me, you don't want to see those), it's very, very tense here.
Thanks ! Yes, they were resisting arrest, maybe they threw stones on police vehicles, stuff like that...
Hope you're on the mend. Bad allergy season in NH-USA has me freaked out a little bit due to similar symptoms. I'll take bad allergies over Covid:coldsweat:
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