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  • I just got an SY-1000 and think I Like the way you have it set up.
    Can you please post a diagram of your set-up to the AXE-FX III or better yet, a preset of it so I can 'SEE' how you do it with all the settings?
    Hello Piing
    when it comes to powering arduino board in the DIY FC, it should be ok to power arduino board via usb by hooking it to the laptop usb port right ?
    because when i did that it seems like there's no signal going from the FC to the Axe fx II at all, nothing is responding. what could be the problem ?

    Yes, the Aurduino can be powered from the USB. Is the LED of the arduino ON?
    Do you see the Axe-FX MIDI IN led blinking when you send a MIDI command?
    Yes the LED on the Arduino is ON, the LCD on FC is ON as well, also the the LEDs of the Swithes do turn ON and OFF as I toggle the Switches.
    But the Midi LED of the AXE-FX is not blinking when i send any command.
    I have my Midi female plug wired as follows:
    Midi Pin 2 to the Arduino ground pin (below pin 52)
    Midi pin 4-220 ohm resistor to Arduino 5V pin (above pin 22)
    Midi pin 5-220 ohm resistor to Arduino Tx3 pin
    there's a midi signal now between the FC and AxeFx now, i just connected Pin5 to Tx1 instead of Tx3.
    but i only the scene switches work, the other switches does not work properly. (ill explain on the thread)
    Hello Piing
    Please check my last reply on DIY FC here
    I'm trying to figure the the lastest code to go with the AXE FX II XL+
    Hey Piing,

    How are you!! I understand you didn't like my preset all that much, but turning the level in the amp block and the output block bring it down. But if you wish try the modulation blocks from the preset...B channels on both!!.

    Thanks. I will try you new preset in sometime.
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