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  1. Piing

    Klon Centaur

    I have a $20 Klon Clone from Aliexpress. I can't hear much difference with these videos
  2. Piing

    Liliac Holy Diver cover

    They've just released this: Gerat production!
  3. Piing


    Live now. You may still be on time if you want to raise some question David Friedman is sharing few interesting insights
  4. Piing

    Which Audio Interface Is Your Favorite with Axe-Fx III?

    The Axe-FX III. My Motu Ultralite Mk3 is inside a drawer. My favorite was a RME, though. But I sold it. RME is what I would recommend if you want a trouble-free DAW (you didn't say how much you want to spend)
  5. Piing

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    That is called Planned Obsolescence. That is unethical, immoral, unsustainable, and a threat to the environment. Unfortunately, it is the current trend in most business. Fractal Audio is an exception. If you know a little bit about the story of Cliff Chase, you will learn that he is doing this...
  6. Piing

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    I have news: mañana
  7. Piing

    Do you use your III as a mixing tool?

    I have this setup at the Axe-FX III: Input 1: Normal guitar Input 2: Roland VG-99 Output (stereo) Input 3: Boss SY-1000 Output (stereo) Input 4: Boss SY-1000 Sub Output (stereo) That is a total of 7 inputs that I process separately and mix at the Axe-FX (example here) However, the Axe-FX III...
  8. Piing

    Liliac Holy Diver cover

  9. Piing

    What sub-$700 guitar sounds, but doesn't look/weigh, like a Les Paul?

    Schecter Solo II Custom. I had one. It has nothing to envy from a expensive and heavy Les Paul I sold it because, after more than 35 years playing only with Strats and Super-Strats, I found the Les-Paul shape anti-ergonomic. But it is an incredible guitar
  10. Piing

    Wish Allow 6 instances of Vol/Pan, Drive, IR Player, Synth, Pitch and other blocks, for Hex-processing

    Cooking never ready, but I've taken another approach: Instead of processing the raw signals from the hex pickup directly at the Axe-FX, I've pre-processed them at the AX-1000 and VG-99. Input 1: Normal pickups guitar Input 2: VG-99 Poly-Slow Gear Brass on Strings 1,2,3&4 Input 3: SY-1000...
  11. Piing

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.02

    At V-Guitar forums there are thousands of posts requesting correction of bugs from Roland/Boss products that date back to 1990, but have never been considered. Fractal Audio has the power of one person and a small team that do not only work for living, but love the work that they are doing...
  12. Piing

    DIY Axe-Fx Foot Controller for $50 (Open Project)

    Switches 5 and 10 are for moving a "bank" up and down. I call "bank" a group of 5 presets. Since you can only select 5 presets from the switches, that function jumps 5 presets up or down. You can see the definitions here: // Switch 5. Bank Down case 4...
  13. Piing

    Hi. Yes, the Aurduino can be powered from the USB. Is the LED of the arduino ON? Do you see the...

    Hi. Yes, the Aurduino can be powered from the USB. Is the LED of the arduino ON? Do you see the Axe-FX MIDI IN led blinking when you send a MIDI command?
  14. Piing

    Once upon a time there were Service Manuals

    Yes, L2is the ferrite bead. BTW. Here is the Roland patent of the "imaginary pickup disposed at an specific position". I've always been impressed by the realism of their pickup position simulation. Now I understand why it is so important to accurately specify the distance from the...
  15. Piing

    Once upon a time there were Service Manuals

    The GX-700 is interesting too. The diagnose mode can even generate different waveforms to analyze with a scope I note that it has a BL02RN2 ferrite bead at the front input, for high-freq noise suppression. That is interesting. The VG-99 also came with a external ferrite clamp to attach to the...
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