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  1. fremen

    AFIII Presets Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    In concordance with the new vendor rules, I'm gonna make this the master thread for all my presets releases. From now on, I will post updates here only. I will still reply in the older threads when asked a question but would prefer to centralize everything here So up to now, here are all my...
  2. ZenRigs Man

    AFIII Presets ZenRigs Ultimate Preset Pack (including morphing presets) available NOW!

    Hey there my friends! I hope you’re keeping well. I’ve been busy beavering away over the past few months undertaking a massive reworking of the original Morphing and non-Morphing presets I created for the Axe-FX 3. This has been a massive undertaking! I’ve taken things a big step further from...
  3. fremen

    Original song - prog metal

    My drummer and I playing a song from our second album (*), for the first time since 2008. We didn't rehearsed, and he didn't even practiced the song (or even listen to it) before coming at my studio - in fact, the goal of the session was to test playing with a click track and sequenced...
  4. fremen

    AFIII Presets "Fremen's Picks" for Axe-Fx III

    My go-to presets (besides the ones I use with my Tribute to Pink Floyd cover band, of course) are now released ! EDIT 2nd March 2019 : update for firmware 3.02 added. https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/axe-fx-iii-fremens-picks/ These 92 presets, most of which have from 4 to 8 scenes, are for...
  5. fremen

    One AX8, three guitar players

    How versatile can the Fractal Audio AX8 be ? Check for yourself, with three different guitar players : Daniel Riesser (jazz fusion, jazz, funk), me (mostly pseudo Vai-like licks) and Sookrit Hulloowan (heavy blues, hard rock)
  6. fremen

    Fremen's Axe-Fx II amp packs

    After the Axe-Fx III and AX8 versions, my Axe-Fx II amp packs are now available. This new video was recorded with the AX8, but of course the Axe-Fx II version sounds the same. Spectacular playing by my friend here, and he doesn't even uses a pick (watch closely !) o_O Also recorded with the...
  7. fremen

    Free presets from Fremen

    Hello guys, I released a free presets pack, with samples from all my packs : https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/axe-fx-ii-free-samples-pack/ A few days ago there was a thread in one of Fractal's Facebook group, where there was some talk about sharing my "free" presets - except that the only...
  8. X-Mann

    Clyde wah + Analog Flanger (Video)

    Hey AX8 people, I took my favorite amp/cab combination (JS410 Orange & Fremen Marshall JVM 410 IR) & added in the Clyde Wah & the Analog Stereo Flanger. The result is a very sustaining tone that sits well & cuts through a huge track like a HOT knife through COLD butter! o_O Here's the AX8 on...
  9. vechalla

    finger snap effect

    Hi there, has anybody ever tried to simulate the effect of snapping with your fingers. (like in the beginning of "under pressure"). Unfortunately I am not good at using the synth block, so maybe some synth experts like Chef or Fremen can give me some help.
  10. joebalaguer

    AX8 Synth Block?..

    I searched the forum to see if this has been answered already, but came up with nothing. Did anyone at The Amp Show happen to see a synth block on the AX8? I really would like to utilize the synth block, especially for the Atmosynth/Fremen stuff!
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