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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

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After playing this firmware for a while my wife got better looking, my hair started growing back and I lost 20 lbs.
Really , lol ?!
I’m dining with the family , and almost choked on my beer. I knew checking the forum was a bad idea !
Thanks ! Seriously though - THANKS. ( I’ll be hoping for that 20 lbs to come off now - most likely it’ll be because I won’t take time to eat , and just play guitar !!!! )


Ok , well I just played around a bit. I like it a lot.
I had to reset the amp to appreciate the change.
Am I the only one who suddenly became a better player with this update ? My riffs seem “cleaner” and more precise. God I hate saying things like this , at the risk of the “placebo “ effect , but I feel like I have to. Lol.
All the amps I played sound more detailed. Sounds great.
Pretty good way to describe it to me. Just seems clearer and has a better feel. Thanks FAS for another update!


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I think we're well past where I can workout what's going on ;)

I sold my axefx 2 yesterday, I factory reset it and loaded the default presets and didn't get past preset 1 for about 20 minutes.... that thing still sounds amazing and anything the 3 gives is a bonus to me.

This update for me felt like the sound over all was cleaner, not necessarily less gain but clearer. That resulted in a more chunky bass and clear top end. Either way I'm always onboard with a new firmware.


So can you not use Axe Edit with the Beta software?
Axe-Edit won't automatically have the latest controls or additions from Firmware. they are separate. usually Axe-Edit works no problem, again except for adjusting the new things that aren't there yet.

generally speaking, the Axe Firmware has new features, only accessible from the Hardware. once the Firmware is finalized and released, Axe-Edit is separately updated with those new additions.

it's just not automatic. someone needs to design and add the new things to the Axe-Edit program.


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It’s like if you’ve got this 500hp sports car and it’s crazy fast as is, and then your mechanic says they did such as such and now it’s got 508 hp. Great, more is more, but do you notice it ? The car was fast and still is fast.
In agreement. You really won't notice the extra 8 hp. However, go away a couple months while that mechanic hits the garage once a week and adds some horsepower each time and then take her for a drive. I'm betting you'll notice that extra 50-60 hp. :D


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I re-installed 2.5 and came back to 3. A very nice difference - more presence less flub, better feel.

This reminds me of an experimental patch I made and played with for a couple months. Although it's been a few weeks ago since I last used it.
Could there be some redundancy going on in there somewhere? :)
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