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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.00


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Yes I can read books in English, movies … I understand it well but when it’s my turn to talk or write hm . I “learned” English with lyrics and video games so 🤣.

Yeah but do you know about a cheeky nandos?


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Not really saying anything here that hasn't been mentioned already, but I finally got to play 19 a little and it's sooooo gooooood.

I can't say I notice a HUGE tonal difference, but there is this new softness in the highs that feels even better than it did before. I may have to go back and add a bit of brightness to presets to compensate, but glad to do so within this new pretext. Definitely a bouncy sponginess across the frequency range.


If you want to hear the difference the tube types make choose a Class-A amp like the AC20 12AX7. Adjust to edge-of-breakup. Copy that channel to an adjacent channel. Now in the first channel set the power tube type to EL84/6BQ5. In the second channel set it to EL84 JJ. Switch back and forth between the channels and you should clearly hear the difference.
Upgrading later today and was thinking this will be amazing for my ac30 presets. Tubes made a diff in the real ac30 I owned. Can’t wait to try this out. Thank you.


What an update, yet again!

Things that might help to hear a difference when changing between different power tubes:
  • Preferably use an amp you have experience with, so you are used to how it sounds.
  • Play a riff or a lick you really know well. Easier to hear subtle differences that way. If you keep hitting just one note or a chord and keep switching back and forth the differences might not be that audible.
  • Sometimes the differences just are not that audible. Can be also a feel thing. That’s why hitting a chord and switching back and forth doesn’t work that well. Playing different stuff with variable dynamics might help you to spot the differences.
  • You can use a looper so you can focus more on the sound, but I personally think it’s also important to hear how the different tube types react on your playing while your at it.
If you can’t hear a difference, just leave it be 🙂
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