Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.00


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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Version 19.00 firmware represents the first use of the Chase Nonlinear Feedback (CNFB) technique for the solution of nonlinear ODEs. The power amp algorithm has been completely rewritten using the CNFB method. This provides improved accuracy, especially in the clipping and power supply sag behavior vs. frequency.

Added y-axis labels to RTA.

Added Time Shape parameter to Megatap Delay. The EXP/LOG setting is the default and behaves as before allowing time shapes between exponential and logarithmic (including linear). The SIGMOID setting is a four-quadrant shape that allows time shapes between sigmoid and inverse sigmoid. The COSINE and SINE settings select sine wave shapes with the Time Alpha parameter controlling the number of periods from 1 to 8.

Added 11 power tube types from various manufacturers.

Improved Amp block bypass/engage behavior to prevent level surges.

FC: Amp Level Save now has an option for 0 dB to allow saving a preset via a footswitch.

Fixed signal level into power amp a bit too high in 6160 models.

Fixed High Cut control not working in Mr. Z MZ-38 model.

Fixed Compressor block Auto Makeup Gain not being updated when changing types.

Fixed wrong op-amp clip threshold for DS1 models in Drive block.

Various other fixes and improvements.
The major manufacturers used to put out a book listing the receiving tube types and their electrical characteristics. I have an RCA book from the early '60s and a GE book from 1973. There are hundreds of different tube types, both power and small-signal....
Remember the tube testers that you could find in many stores back in the day? Those things must’ve had at least 30 different types of configuration, probably more.
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