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  • I am new here and having a heck of a time just trying to post a question on a problem with Fractal Bot. Is there a tutorial on how to post a thread?
    Hi. I need serious help here. I just got my Axe Fx II, unboxed it, plugged it only into the power outlet, turned it on and... the only thing I can see after 2 seconds waiting is a frozen display filled with black marks -which seem to look like an LCD pixel test or something like that. The tap tempo button blinks twice in the process and then stops. There's no audio, LEDs do nothing, pressing buttons and turning knobs randomly won't do anything either. The unit seems completely dead. As already stated, I've just taken the unit out of its box. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks a million.

    Fernando (Argentina)
    im currently on 5.07 already... it came with 5.02 installed from the factory ...i updated to 5.04 then to 5.07... have all the problems most others are experiencing... just thought since i haven't really created or messed with presets.. might be easier and quicker to reset it back to 5.02 and then skip 5.04 altogether
    Know what i mean?
    so.. Utilities..... Reset system page... ENTER will take my system back to 5.02 ( which is what it shipped with) ?

    should i delete everything else off my PC ... (ub driver ,Ax Edit) and then reinstall the newest versions before i attempt
    to update the firmware from 5.02 straight to 5.07
    am i forgetting anything??
    if i do all this everything should be hunky doorey when i'm done?
    hey Java
    was curious if we know how far back these problems go that everyone is having after the 5.07 update? the reason i ask is i was wondering if it would be worth it for me to take my AX FX 2 back to the factory fresh settings (shipped with 5.02) and then update straight to 5.07..skipping 5.04 altogether... I'm still working with the factory presets and have no customized presets yet
    Hi Sean,

    I am enjoying my new Axe II but I have hit a snag on reproducing one of my staple patches. I made a cello patch from the old "string like" on the Ultra. Whoever made it originally used a the EQ block to swell the notes. It works amazing well on the Ultra. To the best of my ability I have tried to match the settings on the Axe II EQ block but it doesn't work correctly. I posted this issue but no one has been able to solve it. I was wondering if you can shed any light or point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    Best wishes,

    Hi javajunkie, I'm treewiz and have attended the Dweezilla a bit this week. I know we have crossed paths this week but have not officially met. I'll be at the Bearsville theater tonight for the show and dinner and if you see a guy with a wild green shirt and a blue moon and star duo rap on his head,that's me. Perhaps we can meet. Peace!
    Hey Javajunkie,
    There is a thread in the patch section about a clean compressed ambient strat tone that you originally posted. If you have time, would you take a look at that thread and shed some light on whether or not the patch that recently got up loaded is the same one that you originally posted? If not, would you post a copy of the original?
    Hello there Sean,

    I really don't know what else do here... There have already been several instances where some of my posts have been wrongfully deleted... And I am certain that it is Jay Mitchell who is deleting them... Jay (with all of his vast knowledge of sound reinforcement and IRs) is just abusing his "power" as a moderator of this fine forum. I have sent a PM to Cliff directly (several weeks ago) to have him ask Jay to just leave me alone... I have been nothing but nice in my previous posts up until the very last one where he was just blatantly attacking me (several weeks ago). Please kindly tell Jay to quit deleting my posts and to conduct himself in a manner that better represents the positiveness that you, Cliff, Tom, Dojo and the rest of you guys bring as moderators of this forum.

    Thank You
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