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Recent content by javajunkie

  1. javajunkie

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    1. Amp or Axe-fx (Amp maybe) 2. Amp or Axe-fx (Axe-fx maybe)
  2. javajunkie

    This week I compared - AxeIII/Boss GT1000/Kemper/Helix Floor

    Because I am a gear addict :tired:
  3. javajunkie

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    I can here difference in them. If you listen to the reverb, you can hear how each mask the reverb differently. The first and last one on allow the reverb to stick out. The third one just has a low-end resonance I do not particularly like. There is a fizzy distortion that stands out (not in a...
  4. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.00

    It's taken :pensive:
  5. javajunkie

    Strymon Sunset

    It works and sounds great. I use it to offload cpu on the fm9
  6. javajunkie

    Frequency dependent phase inversion - 80's delay nerdiness

    And if you turn the clip type to null , it cuts it down further.
  7. javajunkie

    Wish Ability to save modified speaker impedance curves / lock Speaker tab settings

    It would be really sweet if this could be accomplished.
  8. javajunkie

    Can I "save" the Speaker tab (Impedance Curve) settings?

    Funny, I was just thinking it would be really cool to be able to do this.
  9. javajunkie

    A Marshall sim that stays clean

    I have an old JCM800 with a low and high input. Iloved the sound of the low input. I found the same thing as other said here. Turning down the input trim to .5 emualted the low input nicely. I use the input trim on some of the Class A type amps to reign them in a bit as well.
  10. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III MKII vs Axe-Fx III MKII Turbo

    Yes, I am not running up against CPU limitations on my Kitchen Sink ambient presets. And the extra cpu is nice when you are using the FullRes IRs. But they sound the same, turbo or non.
  11. javajunkie

    A Difference between 16.05 ...And 17.02 .... An Explanation ???

    It doesn't do anything here. Changing the level while bypassed doesn't do anything here. I even took the level from -20 to 20, no difference. Now when my bypass mode is set to mute fx out and my mix is less than 100% it does, but that is expected behavior.
  12. javajunkie

    Wish Allow controller assign for Chorus Delay time.

    That is how a chorus works. Delay time is modulated by an LFO. The delay time on the Axe-fx sets the minimum delay time, The depth the amount of difference between the min and maximum delay (higher depth = greater max delay). For more precise control over the depth of the delay set the auto...
  13. javajunkie

    From Leon Todds Cave: Boss CE-1, ADA MP-1 Chorus & Eventide micropitch

    More like a ring mod and drive. The intermodulation when you push the preamp goes into ring mod territory :). Crank the preamp and play root and Maj7th interval (chorus off), neck pickup. Then slowly bend the M7 to the tonic.
  14. javajunkie

    From Leon Todds Cave: Boss CE-1, ADA MP-1 Chorus & Eventide micropitch

    I have a CE-1 as well. I made measurements on it before and matched it to the Axe-Fx II years ago. I can certainly capture and send you the data.
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