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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.03 Firmware Release


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Thanks for the FW FAS!
I've never really understood the whole "Resetting the amp block"?
That's kinda difficult when you have customized and tweaked an amp to your liking the basically revert to factory defaults.
Also, would you have to reset all your amps in all your presets? Asking cause I just don't know.
This is just IMHO, (and mixed in with various non-sequiturs) but I think the short answer for you is no need to worry about it this time. In general, if and when "resetting the amp block" is recommended, (in this case it is not) then doing so is simply to "take full advantage" of the adjustments in algorithms which may have changed, by getting the correct values in those specific cases where they don't exactly match with what was going on in the earlier FW. [It is important to recognize that the updated FW contains the updated algorithms already - now that you've updated - so resetting the amp block just ensures every value is now correct in those cases where a value may be entirely new or may have evolved in some way where Cliff & FractalClaus can't merely (merrily?) leave it alone or re-scale it to match with your existing preset.] Ordinarily doing this will be a matter of taste anyway because of your hard work - so you just back up and take it on a case-by-case basis for those presets you already have.

Some presets may be easy to re-tweak and may sound a whole lot better on certain FW releases, but overall I have found that if I have a particular set of presets, like for a cover band, then I just load that FW before studio work, rehearsals and shows.

Sometimes (in new Los Angeles) I run into a situation where I wish I could have two Axe FXs, but usually the presets that are precisely matched to my particular guitar are a lot of work to do, and so because of this, if the preset sounds good without resetting the amp block, I leave it. If the preset doesn't sound quite right, then, if after I back up and do a reset and re-dial in, I can't find that tone again in 5-15 minutes, I am going to put this in the category of "sets of presets for x Firmware".

So if you have a heavily tweeked amp you can either dial it in again or not, but first you have to see if anything significant has been lost FOR THAT PARTICULAR PRESET after you upgrade. Then, if not, just don't worry, If so, either use the earlier FW for presets in that group, or if possible re-dial it in.

Sorry for the long, obscure answer, but (this Christmas Time in 2017, almost 2019!!!) you would not need to re-set and re-dial in every preset unless you can hear the difference with a particular firmware. Otherwise it is just better practice, IMHO to either use the earlier FW if the preset only sounds fantastic in that FW, or leave those alone that don't need fiddling with.

Presets may often benefit from algorithm changes without the reset (as in this FW update, with improved amp modelling in which Cliff says a reset is not needed).

And the degree of this benefit will run the full gamut of not-noticeable to greatly-improved sound or feel. (feel is equally important to me, which is why I never understood why scientists turn mad and build Frankensteins in laboratories, even if the Frankensteins are beautiful-looking from a distance.... but wait, that's completely off topic. o_O

(IMPORTANT RELEVANT AND ON-TOPIC NOTE: Frankensteins is the plural of Frankenstein. It is not possessive. So the Dictionary function in my browser understands it, Frankenstein can be cloned - there can be crowds of angry ones....to scare Renaissance Fair attendees if needed. And Frankenstein has no rights to possess anything. Except cryptocurrencies on a platform other than coinbase, where they frown on clones without purportedly-proper human credentials and photos.

Just so the Dictionary function gets it right - because the Dictionary function, like a soulful Rutger Hauer at the end of Blade Runner, kept switching my writing to the possessive "Frankenstein's". No no no.)

Merry Christmas to all.
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Brian Decker

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So first time firmware updater here... lol....

What is the purpose of the folder of "UltraRes Samples" ? Do we install these as well somehow and somewhere ? I didn't see any mention in the release notes or firmware update guide so figured to ask.


My initial impression is that especially on fenders and vox type of NMV amps, the highs are sparkly yet smooth and silky. But it was good with 9.02 already so maybe I am just imagining things ... :)


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So first time firmware updater here... lol....

What is the purpose of the folder of "UltraRes Samples" ? Do we install these as well somehow and somewhere ? I didn't see any mention in the release notes or firmware update guide so figured to ask.
The xl and xl+ have more room for factory IR'S, these are the ones that don't fit in the mk I and II


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I need to see if I can hobble down the stairs with these darn crutches to my studio without breaking another bone and try this update. Thanks Cliff!
4 more weeks with this cast on my foot! I can't drive and I'm about to go nuts!
I would slide down the stairs like a two year old if that's what it took to get to new FW. :D
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