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  1. Burgs

    Rumblin' Teles. Free ODS-based preset and video demo for Tele and similar twangmeisters.

    As the title suggests... Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=9954
  2. DarwinCarter

    Mr.Z 38 Preset Dialed for a Tele

    with broadcaster style pickups, but if you have a brighter neck it'll be good as well. Demos below!
  3. Burgs

    Supremo Trem.

    Sometimes I don't appreciate the special qualities of any given amp until I've finished recording, mixing and am listening back. Then I finally get it! I'm a slow learner. Such has been my experience with the mighty Supro 1964T model (Supremo Trem) as demonstrated here. I started with the...
  4. Burgs

    Flying the FM9 flag - a stage rig rundown (lo-fi!)

    We're on the road. Yay. Booked solid until 2023, pretty much. Last night my great friend and fellow guitarist, Josh Owen, was doing his social media duties and grabbed a few minutes with me to talk about my simple but potent setup of an FM9 flanked by a couple of guitars.
  5. diezel013

    James Bond - John Barry Theme

    Used the Vibrato Lux amp/cab model with a little spring verb. Added Vibrolux Trem (post) courtesy of Soundtoys Echoboy. This is a classic theme. Hope you dig the rendition. Vic Flick is the guitar player on the original... Very cool tune.
  6. diezel013

    Metallica - My Friend of Misery

    I've had lots of fun revisiting the Black Album... This is one of my favorite Metallica excerpts... truly a beautiful piece of music. Using the Vibrato Verb model for the cleans, Boogie IIC++ model for harmony bits, and my KH lead for the solo. Hope ya dig it :)
  7. Dr. Faustus

    NGD - Filling that Tele-shaped hole in my life

    I don't make enough money to buy a sports car, so for my 50th birthday next week I've bought a Sports Tele. After years and years of being pretty much a Super-strat guy I bought a MIM Tele back in 2016 and around Thanksgiving 2019 I traded it to my Father for the guitar in my AV. Since then I...
  8. chrisni

    NGD: 10s iCC-T Shell Pink Heavy Relic

    600$ including shipping to Germany from China. Roasted maple neck Locking tuners Heavy relic I will swap out the pickups, because the neck and bridge pickup sound almost the same. Really strange. I need to do some setup on the action etc, then it will be a really nice guitar.
  9. Bartłomiej

    JTM 45 custom preset - Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression

    Hello, Fractal FM3 is a perfect rig for doing a things that I never expected. Below you can hear my Tele which sounds like Jimi Strat.
  10. Bartłomiej

    My Deluxe Verb with Telecaster setting ;D

    Hello, it's time for some clean option with telecaster, enjoy listening! ;)
  11. Burgs

    Burg's Mumbles FW:16b | Demo vid + preset download

    More of the same with hopeful improvements thanks to Cliff's generous obsession. Eight Scenes of fun that seem to work well with whatever guitar I poke at them. Have fun; tweak to taste, etc. Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8766
  12. AnswerInfinity

    A lil classic rock using a preset and an Italian Tele

    I made this lil tune: Using this tele: With the basic preset on the Axe FX ///:
  13. Rich Wood

    FS Fibenare Roadmaster ‘56

    For sale; Fibenare Roadster '56. Extremely well built by hand by Fibenare, it really feels amazing to play. The neck is really fast and easy and has an incredible and versatile tele tone. The guitar is in immaculate condition! As received from Fibenare and has been extremely well looked after...
  14. camilovelandiamusic

    Tele Solo

    Hope you guys dig!! Fender USA Professional Telecaster TS808 Mod Friedman HBE 2018 C45 @ML SOUND LAB Legends Cab Block
  15. orion32773

    Channels and No Gap Scene Switching Mega Preset Configuration

    Some enhancements to my last video on no gap scene switching. Thanks to Yek and Leon for the idea. With channels the doors are open wide for a massive preset filled with 8 different channels (running two amp blocks) Also, time to say goodbye to my Tele...on to a better home. Listing on reverb...
  16. drubarlow

    FS Fender American Dlx Telecaster QMT HH

    I've had this posted at Facebook Marketplace, but thought it would be worth sharing here as well. For sale is this Fender American Deluxe Telecaster QMT HH from 2006 (according to it's serial number). This guitar features an alder body topped with a gorgeous quilted maple in a vintage sunburst...
  17. orion32773

    Smooth Lead Tele Tone Video

    I wanted to try something different other than high gain and see if I could dial in a smooth lower gain lead tone with my Tele. Check it out and subscribe for more content
  18. unFILTERed

    New Music Video (Live) & Guitars Axe Fx II XL - Amp model Wrecker Rocket

    here is a recent relase. did the live production, played guitar & ableton push on this one. Also had the pleasure of mixing it. guitars are through Axe Fx 2 XL. Amp model Wrecker Rocket with TAF 1*x12 G12M IRs. Guitar is Fender Custom Shop 66 Telecaster. All preset, scene, tempo changes are...
  19. G

    Roy Buchanan

    Now A Good Roy Buchanan tone would be AWESOME! I know how important his hands where to his tone but what amps and settings did he use, for In the Beginning....American Axe etc. Thanks Greg
  20. heanjurrera

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. cover

    Hey all! I've been meaning to try recording a quick cover of this song since I acquired a bunch of gear through the last couple of years that needed a proper test drive. So far so good! Recording vocals in my apartment is a bit tricky though. So lots of EQing had to be done. Still, I guess I...
  21. Cainer

    Live video of original song (Telecaster this time)

    First time playing this one live, at our CD Release Party - it's called "No Foolin"
  22. DanielB

    Richie Kotzen Sounds

    Not sure how many Richie Kotzen fans there are 'round these parts, but I am trying to nail down a few of his tones with the AX8. He pretty much only uses his signature Tele, which does have a rather unique pickup configuration. The first is in his song "Lie to Me". It's the main rhythm guitar...
  23. Wes McCraw

    Tone tweaks for single coil PUPs

    Hi...new to the forum, but not to Ax-Fx...big fan of Fractal Audio. I've had the Ax Fx Ultra since they came out...love it. Just got AX8. Seems very cool...as promised. However, I play a lot of Nashville "chicken-pickin" style on a Tele. As with most modelers, I'm getting that piazzo-like...
  24. T

    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

  25. Burgs

    Piezo/Acoustic preset and video

    The rebuild and return of my trusty old MIJ '91 Telecaster (acoustic) gave me cause to simultaneously celebrate and write a preset for it. The preset, written on an XL+ runnin Q6, might be a good starting point for those of you who own piezo-equipped acoustic or semi-acoustic guitars. You can...
  26. C

    [Indie Pop] Talk Too Much - Coin

    Some indie pop for you guys / gals!!! This song has been stuck in my head for a couple weeks. Sat down and worked it out tonight. The playing is pretty sloppy, but I really like the tone I came up with, so I figured I'd share. XL Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4749
  27. Cainer

    hot Tele tone!

    On the AXE II working on some Tele tones.
  28. Burgs

    HiPower and Esquire = Rock! (Thanks, Yek!)

    Yesterday saw me making a demo for a local builder's Esquire (I liked the guitar so much I bought it). I thought I may as well defer to one of Yek's HIWATT presets as a starting block, which I did. I extended it with some slight tweaks to suit the guitar and added delay, compression, reverb and...
  29. Per Boysen

    AxeFxII for both funky telecaster and bassline

    The Tele has Joe Barden's Danny Gatton vintage pickups and a baritone neck, that makes it sound a little bigger, and the bass was done by tapping on a Chapaman Stick Guitar (goes down to low the G). Both through the AxeFxII and recorded by USB audio into Logic.
  30. Per Boysen

    Telecaster, Joe Barden Danny Gatton vintage, CA Triptic Clsk

    Telecaster, Joe Barden Danny Gatton vintage, CA Triptic Clsk, F090 2x10 Vibrato Lux Mix & F061 4x12 Fractal V30 AT4970.
  31. Cainer

    A quick rip on the Tele

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