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HiPower and Esquire = Rock! (Thanks, Yek!)


Yesterday saw me making a demo for a local builder's Esquire (I liked the guitar so much I bought it). I thought I may as well defer to one of Yek's HIWATT presets as a starting block, which I did. I extended it with some slight tweaks to suit the guitar and added delay, compression, reverb and drive, all of which can be switched in/out at will or dialled up in various combinations with the four scenes written into the preset (below).

Here's the Youtube demo:

Here's the preset.


Love the crunch . That amp in the fractal has always been my favorite . Fantastic tone , punchy and nice lookin guitar to boot. Great match for that guitar.

Thanks. Yeah, I thought they were a good match too. When I picked up the guitar to do the demo, I thought, "HIWATT". I've got a real one here but the model in the Axe sounded so good I needed to look no further. Cheers. :)
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