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Tone tweaks for single coil PUPs

Wes McCraw

New Member
Hi...new to the forum, but not to Ax-Fx...big fan of Fractal Audio. I've had the Ax Fx Ultra since they came out...love it. Just got AX8. Seems very cool...as promised. However, I play a lot of Nashville "chicken-pickin" style on a Tele. As with most modelers, I'm getting that piazzo-like squawking on the top end when I really pull or dig-into a note. Can't seem to find an amp/EQ/cab combo that works. Anyone having similar issues? Any solution?


AX8 thru QCS K10 (full range powered speaker)


Hey Wes,

Check out @yek presets! I use these all the time to start working on new sounds.
He puts a PEQ block in most of the presets. Subtle mid-bump and a couple extra dB for clarity.
So clutch in making my presets work with just about any guitar!

Almost never need the boost with the humbuckers. But when I switch to single coils it really helps bring you up in the mix and is much more responsive to rolling off the volume pot.

For me, tone started to really get there when I figured out what cab IRs I like.
The advanced page in the cab block is great for cleaning up muddy low end and unpleasant highs.
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