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  1. austinbuddy

    FM3 Presets Free preset for FM3/Axe-Fx III, for Strats to get that SRV 1x15 Vibroverb sound, with effects

    Hi everyone - I just made this preset today for the forthcoming 1000+ "Live Gold" Tonepack made for the FM3 (and Axe-FX III). Goal is to release that full TonePack (which is the new - but greatly improved - product equivalent of the old 1000+ Dream Rigs for AX8/Axe-FX II) released before the...
  2. Cainer

    full tune - live video from Porquis Rock 'n' Blues Festival

    Doin' my best to pay homage to Chris Duarte on this one ;) AX8 direct to FOH - that big tin roof created some interesting echo/reverb lol
  3. M

    Just uploaded my first patch - SRV, Hendrix, Mayer 'thang'

    This is actually Ares 1.00 Beta (I didn't see that as an option in the list of Firmware versions) Clean to slightly driven SRV/Mayer/Hendrix tones. Scene 1 is clean, Scene 2 I skipped the usual TS808 and used a BB Pre. Use Scene 2 for the lead in Little Wing I used an EQ to get the extra...
  4. Igor Paspalj

    Hendrix/Vaughan style Jam

    Hi everybody! Here's one little tune I came up with today, inspired by some Hendrix/Vaughan moves, and some of my own stuff as well. Axe Fx 2, real Cry Baby wah, and YJM signature Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X pro. Amp model is Super Verb via with slight Ruckus drive boost in...
  5. camilovelandiamusic

    In Honor of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s death anniversary......

    i got inspired from listening to lots of SRV today. Hope you guys did this!
  6. Triaxis75

    Young SRV

    Thought I would share this, I thought it was cool as hell. I was bs'ing with one of my buddies on the way home and Jimi H came on the playlist and we began talking about SRV's renditions of Jimi songs. He went on to tell me that he had met with a guy who was selling an old wine barrel, being...
  7. Cainer

    Texas blues a la SRV / Duarte (live video)

    Man we had a good time with this one - Superverb model, with fuzz in the first freakout section, fuz and tubescreamer in the second.
  8. Cainer

    A quick SRV blast

    Going to try to work this tune into my live set soon. Maybe dial the tempo back a touch lol The Dr Z amp is my go to for Stevie-ish tones these days. Just need to find a good way to up the gain without losing the gritty edge. Been experimenting with the amp boost, input gain, and various...
  9. Gamedojo

    80's Tokai Goldstar Sound Playing Little Wing w/ AxeFx 2 Q8.01

    Haven't played guitar in over a year. Found this Tokai local and really enjoyed how well it played. Hit record on my stream software and uploaded it. Hope you enjoy 80s Tokai Goldstar Sound U pickups Jumbo fret installed AxeFx 2 with quantum 8.01 firmware PATCH...
  10. B0LTcreative

    Stevie Ray Vaughan Preset needed for show

    Anyone have a good Pride and Joy preset? playing a benefit this weekend! \m/ thanks in advance!
  11. koawood

    special 90s SRV strat + "Super Verb" = scooped midrange

    () Played on a very special mid 90s SRV strat. something about these pups and the scooped midrange gives me goosebumps. played straight through preset 46 - superverb
  12. koawood

    SRV Little Wing Sounds

    Hey all, I recently recieved my new Axe Fx 2 XL and I'm jamming some SRV sounds on it ! What do you guys think?
  13. B

    Stevie Ray Vaughan tone

    Hello, Has anyone try and port this (Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tone Tutorial | SRV Fractal Axe-Fx 2 from Youtube) invaluable work to the AX8, albeit its limitations compared to the FX-2?
  14. musicman0001

    Having fun playing Texas Blues jamming kinda Stevie Ray Vaughan

    It's not precise and not the correct tone especially due to a very heavy noisegate because of lots and lot of noise and hums here at my attic from the powergrid and PC and pickups ;) i left all the small mistakes, noisegate drops and sloppy beginning ;) im not really a texas blues guy as iplay...
  15. Michael Engel

    Slow Blues Solo - patch based on Tyler Grund's SRV tone tutorial

    Hi all. First off.. A big thanks too Tyler Grund for helping me create this patch. I followed his SRV Tone Tutorial and tweaked it from there. So im playing on a 1975 stock Stratocaster, through my Axe-FX 2. Patch is basically a tube screamer running through 2 Vibrato Verbs in parallel, one...
  16. Smittefar

    Texas Blues with Ax8 (recording)

    I had a bit of fun the last few days recording a jam along the lines of SRV's Mary Had a Little Lamb. I am no SRV afficionado, nor does the true Texas Blues flow through my vains, but I found a Fender sound in the Ax8 that I loved so much, I had to give it a try. The bass is also recorded...
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