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midi controller

  1. Valgua

    Midi confusion

    Hi! I have no experience with midi controllers and I am a little confused by previous posts on the subject. I’d like a simple solution to switch scences and presets while keeping my FM3 on the desk. What would you recommend?
  2. Michael Engel

    Noatronic Wireless Audio and MIDI - finally!

    Hi guys. Full disclaimer, I am the founder and CEO of Noatronic, but as a long time fellow axe-fx user, I actually developed this product with us in mind. You may remember our first product from an earlier thread. The first product was the Noatronic Onboard Expression, which made a tone-knob...
  3. ralphonz

    Arduino Controller - Rotary encoders jumping around

    Hi All, I'm a total novice when it comes to this but hopefully someone with a little more experience can help me out? I'm building a small MIDI controller to use with my Axe FX II. It's four endless rotary encoders (pulled from a BCR2000) connected to an arduino uno. It transmits midi on...
  4. TONYMUSIC1988

    Looking for a controller for Axe-Fx III

    I am looking for a MIDI controller for my AXE III, anyone has a good idea? I got 3 options: 1. AIRSTEP xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstep 2. Morningstar MC6MKII morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii 3. Harle Benton MP-100 thomann.de/intl/harley_benton_mp_100_midi_foot_controller.htm I really like the AIRSTEP...
  5. Michael Engel

    RELEASED - UPDATE - Feedback on new controller - Noatronic Onboard Expression

    Hi fellow Axe-FX users I have created a new MIDI controller, that is controlled from a push-push pot inside the guitar, with no batteries in or extra cables attached to the guitar. It's not on the market yet and I am looking for some feedback on a specific feature of the product. I really hope...
  6. tysonlt

    Arduino Axe-Fx control library

    Greetings! I would like to announce my AxeFX control library: https://github.com/tysonlt/AxeFxControl This is a 100% complete implementation of the AxeFX III 3rd party MIDI spec. So far I have tested it with my AFX3, and it is based solely on that. The 2 has different messages and I don't...
  7. T

    Using Axe-Fx II as a MIDI Controller for Eventide H9

    Morning All I have had my Axe Fx ii for a few months now but due to music school time commitments exams/ensemble/practice, practice, practice etc etc I haven't had the time to sit for a month and work may way through the manual end to end to get intimate with operations of the unit. However I...
  8. L

    FCB1010 sometimes not communicating with AxeFX II XL+

    How's it going! I couldn't find an answer anywhere so I decided to reach out since I'm very clueless. I own an Axe FX XL II and a FCB1010 loaded with the Eureka PROM, running them w two MIDI cables. They used to work great together but lately I've been running into an issue where the board...
  9. Santiago Dieguez

    Nektar pacer MIDI controller not working with Axe-Fx 2

    Hi guys how are you? This is my first post on the forum. Just bought a nektar pacer midi controller which comes with axe Fx 2 ready presets. Connected it with a 5 pin midi cable. Axe Fx 2 seems to receive messages (the midi in is lighting up every time I press any nektar pacer stomp) but neither...
  10. J

    Controlling third party synths with the Axe-Fx III

    I am trying to find a way to control the synthesizers and samplers in my daw by playing guitar through the axe fx III. I’m assuming that the axe fx must be converting my guitars audio into midi in order for the synth block to work. So i’m wondering if there’s a way to send that midi data to a...
  11. K

    Unlocked FBV3 / MkII controllers (full color / MIDI)

    While I don't have a Fractal....yet, here's a way to use a Line 6 FBV3 with full color LED and MIDI functionality using an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You can also use a Shortboard MkII if you'd like. It's fairly straightforward to put together with minimal parts and based off of prior Vlotech /...
  12. Marcin Wojtaszczyk

    ActitoN MIDI 4 way foot controller - phantom power.

    Hi, I just have this footswitch (ActicoN 4) and wander if can plug it to my AXE FX II XL. It has 7-pin MIDI plug out and manufacturer states : "The controller needs a power supply (9-15V AC or DC) or phantom power. Supports phantom power on pin 1&3 or 6&7 (9-15V AC or DC)." I've learned 1A...
  13. A

    FC units: General purpose midi.

    When the time comes, I’m looking to control external midi gear as well as the AFX3. On the FC unit, can some of the switches on the ‘layout’ or preset be configured as general purpose midi - with other switches on said layout communicating with the AFX3?
  14. K

    AX8: Using midi to toggle pedals on/off

    Hello people I just received my AX8 this week, and am very happy with it already. I am trying to set it up so that I can control it with a midi-floor board and have a question in that regard. Some buttons on the midi-board I use for preset changes, and others I plan to use for switching pedals...
  15. Jose Balbuena

    Help using Midi with Engl Invader II

    Hello, I recently got my fx8 a few days ago and I'm having trouble setting up midi control with my amp. My goal was to create a preset and have my amp switch channels with the scenes. I've looked thru the manual but I'm a complete noob and still can't get it to work :cry:. If anyone has the time...
  16. Bahij

    Question about Roland FC-300

    Hello I'm new here, I bought Axe FX II XL+ last week and I already have the Roland FC-300 Midi controller. I have a Question. Can I use the MODE Up & Down to change the preset number and the Pedals (1 to 5) (6-10) to select the scene of each preset or to control the Blocks or the X/Y for each...
  17. existavail

    GCP is turning effects on and off but won't change patches?

    i use a ground control pro and my axe fx ultra I've set both things to the same midi channel. The axe fx midi light Indices it's getting a signal but will only turn effects on and off that I programmed but will not change between patches. It used to work and stopped out of nowhere. Just reset...
  18. ksandvik

    Using a MIDI controller for changing settings

    I should do an expensive search but does anyone have recommendations to add another midi controller in front of an AXE II to control the actual settings for blocks, let's say modulation depth values or feedback for a delay, gain for overdrives and so on. The MFC is nifty but I would miss the...
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