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ActitoN MIDI 4 way foot controller - phantom power.


I just have this footswitch (ActicoN 4) and wander if can plug it to my AXE FX II XL.


It has 7-pin MIDI plug out and manufacturer states :

"The controller needs a power supply (9-15V AC or DC) or phantom power. Supports phantom power on pin 1&3 or 6&7 (9-15V AC or DC)."

I've learned 1A current load shouldn't be exceed. I know this device takes about 0.05A, so it's not a lot. Can I just plug it into AXE FX II with 7-pin MIDI cable and will it deliver this way all I need for communication and phantom power supply?

That's simply foot controller and would fit all my needs for home use like: tap tempo, reverb/delay bypass :)

Thank you,
have a great day :)
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Still need a power supply to plug into the axe, as it doesn't provide power. i dont see why it wouldn't work.


Thanks mate! That's shame... I don't like too much cables around, but for the price it's going to be lot of fun at home anyway :)

When you plug the power into the axe it will pass the power to the midi port, so you'll still only have one cable going out to the midi foot controller.. When you get your midi cable make sure all of the pins are wired, some cable brands dont connect all of them.
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