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Midi confusion


Hi! I have no experience with midi controllers and I am a little confused by previous posts on the subject.
I’d like a simple solution to switch scences and presets while keeping my FM3 on the desk. What would you recommend?


Fractal Fanatic
Behringer FCB1010, and you get two extra expression pedals.
If size is a concern: MeloAudio MIDI Commander


Some good suggestions but I’d say look for a used fc6. It’s essentially plug and play so way easier to setup than most midi controllers and that likely will be worth the added cost.


New Member
I picked up a used MC6 from GC. I needed a smaller footprint for precisely the same reasons. Def not as easy of a setup as a FC6 or 12 but can do the job. Another simple option could be 2 button momentary switches; that route would be WAY cheaper than both.

Tom Morris

Power User
Honest best option is to save the pennies and get an FC-6/12. Fighting midi at every turn to try to gain function can be done in most cases but there is no denying the functionality of the FC controllers. Time spent trying to get everything to function via midi you could have picked up a side job and bough an FC. :D
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