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  1. muudrock

    FS **Updated** FM3 $850

    FM3 in mint condition with original box. Non-Headphone model. Plastic still on screens. Latest firmware installed. Had up as a package with FC6, but that sold locally. Not interested in trades. Only listing for sale due to recent job layoff. Shipping fee based on location.
  2. S

    Megadeth “Lucretia” - Marty Friedman solo cover

    I just love this solo and one day will be able to play it perfectly… if I die trying! Here’s my best attempt, using my FM3 and a Friedman model, recorded into Logic via a Line6 G10, using the FM3 as interface and a Headrush 108 for monitoring. The backing track I found on YouTube. Enjoy it… or...
  3. A

    No sound from USB in FM3

    I have a problem using USB of FM3, as I don't get any signal in the reaper, The sample rate is 48K and ins and outs are set in the armed tracks as shown in the screen shots, still no sound, inside FM3 i have signal in the output 1 but thats not received in the USB, do you face the same issue and...
  4. Galo

    My FM3 boogie patch...great song for Halloween.

  5. S

    SOLD Fractal FM3 $849

    Excellent condition and works perfectly. NON-Headphone version. Has a small blem on front. Comes with original box, etc. Free CONUS shipping. $899 Paypal gift or Venmo. I have a flawless Reverb profile and many forum/Facebook group deal references. Thanks!
  6. Steven Fernandez

    Connecting FM3 to studio monitors, headrush FRFR monitor and H9 at the same time possible?

    Well, I guess the title says it all :) I have my 2 studio monitors connected to the FM3's "OUT1 (Main)" Then I have my Headrush FRFR monitor connected in to FM3's "OUT2 (Left and right)" All that's working BUT, I've just purchased a H9 Max and I would like it to be connected to my FM3 too and...
  7. J

    FS FM3 + Controller + Pelican Case

    Selling my ready-to-go rig because I got the Axe FX3 now! It is all pretty minty and set up to be plug and play. The case is extremely protective. Price is $1250 shipped.

    IMPROV - FM3 (Hook Captain 34) - Luke III 2020 - Elevated Jam Tracks - 15 Smooth Soulful Groove in B 🎸😉

    🇺🇸 Improv with the gorgeous Luke III 2020 on "Smooth Soulful Groove in B” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Soulful Bluesy Grooves Collection, Vol. 3) with the Hook Captain 34 channel 3 of the FM3. Firmware 4.01. 🇫🇷 Impro avec la splendide Luke III 2020 sur “Smooth Soulful Groove in B” de chez Elevated...
  9. FSM

    Factory Presets #000-#005 Demos | Axe-Fx III | FM9 | FM3

    Hi guys, I'm currently making a series of videos with the Factory Presets. They have improved a lot since "Cygnus" and sound amazing now. Here is my latest video (song with backing track) with preset #000 "59 Bassguy". Have fun with it. Cheers Frank ...and here the complete G66 Video with the...
  10. Johan Allard

    Introducing OM369 - My FM9 style layout with FM3+FC6

    I'm on the FM9 waitlist for when it eventually reaches Australia. I thought I'd replicate the layout using my FM3+FC6 to see how it would work in practice. I used it for yesterday's rehearsal - first rehearsal in like 4 months after our very lengthy lockdown and it worked great so I thought I'd...
  11. B

    La Flaca by Pure Salem Guitars (demo/review with FM3 amps)

    There’s a reason why guitarist collect guitars, besides the novelty of doing so. Each has its own characteristics and each a unique tool to express one’s musical abilities. It’s not only the feel and look (which can affect a person’s mindset), but definitely the sound generated through the...
  12. V

    FM3 for Online Webinars

    Hi everybody I'm using the FM3 to make some online webinars and it's working great as a voice channel strip. I'm using an AT 4040 inside a ART Tube MP inside the Left Input 2 set to Left Only inside the I/O preference page. The signal path is pretty simple, input low pass filter, high pass...
  13. dturton

    Using a headphone splitter FM3 with headphone jack

    newbie question. I want to use two headphones simultaneously with the FM3. What’s the best option. Ideally if I could control individual volume so the splitter in that case wouldn’t work. Thanks David.
  14. S

    Pedals and FM3/FM9 your opinion

    I need your opinion guys, I have a big pedal board that I use and has the following pedals: BigSky, Timeline, Iridium, H9, Boss EQ, JHS Timmons, keeley Comp, Friedman BEOD all connected to Boss Es8 Switcher and powered by two power supplies Onespot CS12 and Cioks dc10. I mostly all the options I...

    I Just Play #11 - Gibson LP Tribute - FM3 : Super Rvb - Mesa MK III - Plexi 70 - CAE3+ - Looper. 🎸

    🇺🇸 A "live" take with the new arrival, a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Future. For the sound, 4 amps of the FM3 : Fender Super Reverb, Mesa Boogie MK III, Marshall Plexi 1970, CAE3+ Lead channel and the Looper. 😉🎸 🇫🇷 Une prise “live” avec la nouvelle arrivée, une Gibson Les Paul Tribute Future de...
  16. S

    FM3 JP2C Compared to Real JP2C

    I did an experiment today to see how close the FM3's model of the JP2C compares to the real amp. For the FM3, I ran it to the Matrix GT1000FX --> DV Mark 4x12 --> SM57. For the JP2C I ran it into the same DV Mark 4x12 with the same SM57 in the same position. I didn't have a way to A/B...
  17. T

    FSOT Axe FX 3 MK1 - $1700 Shipped to USA

    Some cosmetic scratches on top/bottom plates. Otherwise great shape. Please reach out if you’re interested in trading an FM3.
  18. C

    FS FM3 Headphone Version w/Board & Case $1,100

    Selling a mint FM3 headphone jack version. Comes with extra presets and IR's. Including a NUX pedalboard and carrying case. Both the board and FM3 come in the original box. $1,100+shipping Shipping only in US.
  19. S

    Fm3/Fm9 bass output questions

    Hi everyone just had some questions about a setup I’m trying to put together. Working out if I need an FM9 or can get away with the FM3. For a prog/heavy bass & drums project I’m looking for 3 signals for the bass. One clean to go into a bass amp, and 2 for multiple amp signals. I have a 2...
  20. D

    Bug? Losing Right channel in my headphones after pressing "Tempo" button

    When I use headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro but I've tried with others too) and press "Tempo" button, it randomly cuts off the right channel. Sometimes it cuts it off while I switch effects or scenes with 3 main footswitch buttons. Sometimes when the right channel is off, I can press and...
  21. Marciel Marcasso

    FM3, AXE FX III MK II and FM9 same preset, same sound Beautiful Family, Thanks Fractal!!

    using the Axe FX III mk II audio interface and FM3 audio interface (each with your interface to record in Reaper Fantastic. Same sound on 2 devices and certainly on FM9 too. very happy to hear this

    FM3 (Dumble OD Special) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 😊

    Improv with the fantastic Luke III 2020 on "Soulful Blues Funk Groove in Bm” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Tasty Funk, Blues & Funk Collection, Vol. 2) with the Dumble Overdrive Special of the FM3. 👍

    FM3 (Dumble OD Special) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks (moved to FM3 🙃)

    Improv with the fantastic Luke III 2020 on "Soulful Blues Funk Groove in Bm” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Tasty Funk, Blues & Funk Collection, Vol. 2) with the Dumble Overdrive Special of the FM3. 😉
  24. Michael Engel

    Accessories Noatronic Wireless Guitar System - Live on Indiegogo

    We created a wireless guitar system specifically for us amp-modeler users. In the video, Soren Andersen plays through our wireless into the Fractal Audio FM3. The wireless system allows him to control effect parameters and engage effect blocks on the FM3 from his tone knob on the guitar...
  25. Megahertzz

    [Nevermind, already implemented] Global blocks workaround with FM3 Edit.

    Seeing as Global blocks seems to be out of the question for the FM3, I would like to suggest another way of attaining some of the global block functionality: Through FM3 Edit, make it so that changes in a block in one preset, can be saved to the same block in multiple presets at the same time...
  26. Galo

    Good ole Days cover. FM3 solo @ 2:34

  27. marklumsley

    FM3 on a PedalTrain Classic 1 able to fit inside of a PT Classic 1 Hard Case?

    Just checking before my FM3 arrives whether I'll need to upgrade my hard case from a "PedalTrain Tour Case Classic 1" to something that's 'deeper', since the FM3 is apparently 4" in height, the current pedal board is 3.5" high and the hard case's interior (whether or not it includes the soft...
  28. Fenris

    Gojira - Magma sound

    Hi there, It was a long time I didnt post anything here. I have been playing around last month with my brand new FM3 and well, we all should know it is awesome. Thing is that I was testing some amps and I ended up creating different presets that reminded me different bands... and, for testing...
  29. Valgua

    Midi confusion

    Hi! I have no experience with midi controllers and I am a little confused by previous posts on the subject. I’d like a simple solution to switch scences and presets while keeping my FM3 on the desk. What would you recommend?
  30. H

    4CM with the Boss ES-5

    I just finished assembling this and I'm in need of some help on how to hook up the FM3 with the four cable method. I'm also planning to use this board on an Orange Rockerverb 50 mkIII to utilize the effects on the FM3. If it's just the FM3, I'd have no issue on how to hook it up with 4CM to...
  31. danchez

    Cab Talk: What to consider when deciding between 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 cabinets?

    Let's talk cabinets. When it comes to achieving certain tones, how do you go about figuring out whether you need to use a 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet IR? What are each type good for? Also, are certain cab types considered "go tos" for certain sounds? (e.g. if you're going high gain, then you...
  32. J

    FM3 preset, one channel pro block with scene controllers gap while switching scenes.

    Hey guys, I need some tip. I set up pretty nice preset based on Steve Stevens preset on my FM3. I use only one channel on all of the blocks, I change few things on amp with scene controllers but when I'm changing scenes I'm experiencing a gap. Aren't the scene controllers desinged for gapless...
  33. C

    YA M65 Creambacks + Divided by 13 FT37

    Hey Friends ! I made a quick raw track with the new YA plus the Cygnus FT37
  34. Fenris

    Cab Lab Lite with FM3

    Hi, I just bought a brand new FM3 and I wanted to add some IRs I have in it. The thing is that with the latest version of the Cab Lab Lite and the latest FM3 Firmware I am receiving an error while comunicating. Error is: "Cab-Lab 3 was unable to complete the following communication request...
  35. J

    SOLD FM3-Amp Modeler w/headphone jack and FC6 Controller **SOLD**

    FM3 with the headphone jack and FC6 for sale. I am the original owner and have barely used them, I will also include the cable for hooking to a Mac. Looking for $1500 for both of them, which includes shipping inside the US.
  36. R

    Buffer Before FM3

    Until today, I plugged my guitar into my pedalboard and then plugged the last pedal of my board into the FM3. The pedalboard has a Polytune 3, which has a high quality buffer. Today, I tried plugging in straight into the FM3 and my guitar sounds very different. There is considerably more low...
  37. W

    FM3 Edit on Apple Silicon

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but I searched and couldn't find a definitive answer. I'm in the market for a new thin and light laptop. I can get a deal on a new M1 MacBook air through work, and studio one will soon have native support. Are there any issues with FM3 Edit or fractal bot...
  38. J

    Speaker compression and drive into a real speaker??

    I’ve got a question/issue. edited because I was frustrated and sounding rude (I’m not trying to be rude, I promise!) I’m running my FM3 into a power amp/real cab. Before you ask, YES I KNOW TO DISABLE CABINET SIMULATION 🤣 Still though, it sounds muffled and weird. As I’ve learned how to tweak...
  39. S

    Input pad above 0db = distortion in recorded playback no matter the guitar?!

    Edit: Mark Day over at Fractal guided me via email. After some resets and testing, he ended up recommending me to contact G66 for a warranty claim. He said __ FM3 is running 4.00 beta 2. TL;DR Direct signal gets distorted during recording in DAW when using input pad above 0db no matter what...
  40. FSM

    Reset AMP Block" after Firmware Update | CYGNUS

    Hi guys, I've made a short video about "Reset AMP Block" after Firmware Update | CYGNUS | FM3 & Axe-Fx III Everything is super simple and fast. "Reset Channel" resets all parameters to factory settings, while "Reset AMP Blocks" leaves the amplifier parameters (Authentic, Ideal) completely...
  41. Johan Allard

    Wish Active Name Mini-Display Label (alternate Current Name) when using Scene Toggle

    There's been suggestions on a few threads on this forum the problematic behaviour of the Mini-Display Label when set to Current Name combined with multiple scene Toggle Switches. I think that the current implementation is a bug but apparently it isn't...
  42. G

    FM3 volume setup

    I am using the FM 3 guide to try and setup a global volume on my FM3. Manual says go to setup/midi remote, step 2 is “ then navigate to input 1,2 or output 1,2.” That is not a choice in the window. Scrolling down gets me to ext control 1,2,3 etc which gets me nowhere. Any ideas? Maybe the...
  43. A

    Bought an FM3 and compared it to my Axe-Fx 3; huge difference

    Hi Everybody, Like the title says I recently bought an FM3 for the portability and to use as an effects processor with my bass rig and I was shocked at the quality of the presets out of the box and after only a day tinkering was getting some monstrous guitar tones. Awhile back I had posted here...
  44. ak301

    FS For Sale Mono Kontroller bag for FM3 and FC6

    I have a mint Mono Kontroller bag I'm selling. Bought new as a clearance item from a shop last year but totally unused. It's been in a cupboard since being bought and still even has the plastic tray inside. I'm in Great Britain but happy to ship anywhere on the planet, at buyers expense...

    IMPRO - FM3 (Bogner Fish Brown) - Luke II - Elevated Jam Tracks - Seductive Bluesy Funk in Bm 😉🎸

    🇺🇸 Impro with the great Luke II from 2002 on "Seductive Bluesy Funk in Bm” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Tasty Funk, Blues & Funk Collection, Vol. 2) with the Bogner Fish preamp (Brown channel) of the FM3. 😉🎸 🇫🇷 Impro avec la belle Luke II 2002 sur “Seductive Bluesy Funk in Bm” de chez Elevated...
  46. MisterScary

    Bug? FM3/FM3Edit failing to delete multiple marked presets

    I've been "cleaning up" some unwanted factory presets. I audition about 10 at a time and keep the ones I like. When Managing Presets in FM3 Edit, I'll select numerous (6-10) at a time and mark them for deletion. When saving my changes, the FM3 will delete a few - sometimes more, then open...
  47. M

    Connect iPad and MIDI controller?

    When I had my AX8, I used an iPad (connected via a Yamaha UD-BT01), running Setlistmaker to control presets on the AX8 as well as Fracpad to tweak the settings. Now I have my FM3 and it seems I'll need to use the MIDI input to do the same thing. That would be fine, I could buy a Yamaha MD-BT01...
  48. S

    Not a Bug FW 3.02 bug: Modifiers?

    Hello everybody! Ever since i downloaded 3.02 i cannot control the modifiers from the FM3-edit (VERSION 1.03.02). I right-click as usual on the yellow dot and i get the modifiers menu box but its all greyed out an i cannot do anything/change anything there. I tried to do the same thing through...

    IMPRO - FM3 (Marshall Super Lead Plexi 59) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 😉

    🇺🇸 Impro with the gorgeous Luke III 2020 HH on "Funky Groove in Em” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Tasty Funk, Blues & Funk Collection, Vol. 2) with the Marshall Super Lead Plexi 1959 of the FM3. 😊🎸 🇫🇷 Impro avec la fantastique Luke III 2020 HH sur “Funky Groove in Em” de chez Elevated Jam Tracks...
  50. Les Paul Rider

    is it possible to control the Axe 3 from an FM3 as a foot controller?

    I own an Axe 3, I didn't buy a foot controller yet, I did some presets that they reach the cpu's limits (red zone), and I was wondering if it's possible to use an FM3 in series in front of my Axe 3, and use it as a foot controller also, because there is not to much difference in price from...

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #14 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Les Pages Performances ! 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #14 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Les Pages Performances ! Utilisez les 5 boutons pour contrôler 20 paramètres dans l’Axe-Fx III et le FM3. 👍
  52. B

    Grand Fusion (recordings with FM3)

    I'm working on a number of recordings, and I love the tone I'm using in the composition Emotions in Motion (a Diezel amp with Cali cab). As I compose more, I'll be posting them here (other gear also listed below): I've done a bunch of stuff over the years, but just started putting some new...
  53. F

    FM3 routing question

    Hi Everyone, my first post here. I’m contemplating getting an Fm3. I had a question though regarding routing. Is it possible to route a stereo signal with one side going into an FRFR can (fm3 cab enabled) and the other side going into a poweramp and cab (fm3 cab and power amp disabled)? Also is...
  54. Burgs

    RIG 102 - Free preset and video demo

    Written in FW: 3.02 for this weekend's gig. Multi-amp, 8 Scenes, drives, delays... My usual offering. I've also ported it to current FW (16b5) for Axe-FXIII. Links below. Preset for FM3: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8725 Preset for Axe-FX III...
  55. wildNcrafty


    fm 3 effects and amp choices are they the same amount of choices as axe3? excluding less blocks i know. BUT ARE THE CHOICES THE SAME AS IN AXE 3? FOR THE AMOUNT TO CHOOSE? thankyou michele v

    IMPRO - FM3 (Mesa Mark IIC+) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks - Seductive Blues Groove ☺️

    🇺🇸 Impro with the amazing Luke III 2020 HH on "Seductive Blues Groove in Bm” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Soulful Bluesy Grooves Collection, Vol. 3) with the Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ of the FM3. Firmware 3.01. 😉🎸 🇫🇷 Impro avec la sublime Luke III 2020 HH sur “Seductive Blues Groove in Bm” de chez...
  57. VanDaven

    FM3 Input Pad Setting Question

    Hello fellow Fractal users, while I was recently mining for sounds (on 3.02 beta) it seemed to me that the Input Pad settings on my FM3 affect the signal a bit of the opposite of what is described in the manual: "Input Pad adjustments do not affect gain levels or what you hear. As you pad the...
  58. Valgua

    ZenRigs FM3 screen protector

    I ordered the ZenRigs screen protector for the FM3 as soon as I knew when I would get my device. The screen protector arrived today. So far I like it a lot. Installing it could not be easier. It relies on magnets to stick to the FM3. It seems robust, offering a good protection against falling...

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #10 - Preset 019 - Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary 😉🎸

    🇺🇸 The gorgeous factory preset #019 “Shiver” from the FM3 (Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary). 😉🎸 🇫🇷 Le préset d’usine sublime #019 “Shiver” du FM3 (Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary).
  60. Valgua

    My first week

    I have just spent my first week with the FM3. Call me impressed. I feel that the FM3 agrees very well with my way of thinking. I have had a hard time understanding the complaints about an unintuitive interface. I find the FM3 much easier to use than the Hx Stomp and the results that I get are...
  61. KenRen485

    Remote Display

    I would really like to see a remote display that you could mount on your mic stand for blind guys like me!!!
  62. shawnfitz1222

    All-In-One or Do you use Effect pedals as well?

    Hi Fractal Folks, I am in investigation mode before I purchase a FM3. Do most folks consider this an "all in one" solution and use it that way or do you incorporate effect pedals as well? Two examples would be a favorite overdrive pedal (Origin Revival Drive / JHS Morning Glory) or favorite...
  63. K

    issues using FM3 into Mark V head

    hi Forum, Fractal FNG here. I just got an FM3 which I'm TRYING to use with my Mesa Mark V 35 head, but having poor results. I've troubleshooting and I have searched this forum a ton, and read everything I can find on this forum on the subject, so my apologies if this is covered somewhere...
  64. B

    Fixed FM3 foot switch buttons freeze

    Just got my FM3 today (believe firmware 3.01 came on it) and my 3rd foot switch button seems to freeze (not work or do anything) and then work sometimes the Other buttons come and go with working or not?!? I haven’t done anything but unbox and try and play - a little frustrated and disappointed...

    FM3 (Soldano) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 06 (Blues & Funk Collection, Vol. 2) 🎸

    🇫🇷 Impro avec la belle Luke III 2020 HH sur “Seductive Blues Funk in A Minor” de chez Elevated Jam Tracks avec le Soldano SLO 100 du FM3. 🎸 🇺🇸 Impro with the beautiful Luke III 2020 HH on "Seductive Blues Funk in A Minor” from Elevated Jam Tracks with the Soldano SLO 100 of the FM3. 🎸
  66. Valgua

    Best USB cable for FM3?

    Hi! I have read a few posts of people breaking their USB B connector on the FM3. The culprit seems to be the USB cable provided by G66. As I should get my device quite soon, I would like your advice for a good reliable USB cable that will not give me problems. Thanks!
  67. darkLINK

    Closed Something like the Digitech SDrum pedal would be very useful inside Fractal Units!

    I'm about to buy one of these SDrum pedals from digitech but, wouldn't it be awesome if we could have a looper Block for this? Strumming a drum loop pattern that comes out as drum samples is such a great idea. and super useful for those with no drummer, or those unwilling to split the pay out...

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #13 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Le bloc AMP dans le détail ! 3° PARTIE & fin 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #13 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Le bloc AMP dans le détail ! 3° PARTIE & fin 🎸 La Simulation d’ampli dans l’Axe-Fx III et le FM3. Passage en revue des paramètres du bloc AMP. 3° partie : page INPUT EQ - page OUTPUT EQ - page DYNAMICS.

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #12 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Le bloc AMP dans le détail ! 2° PARTIE 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #12 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Le bloc AMP dans le détail ! 2° PARTIE La Simulation d’ampli dans l’Axe-Fx III et le FM3. Passage en revue des paramètres du bloc AMP. 2° partie : page POWER AMP - page POWER SUPPLY - page SPEAKER - page SPEAKER DRIVE.
  70. Galo

    FM3 in action. Looooove this thing. And baby I got my tone!

    Happier than ever the FM3 rocks. By the way, I used the eminence red white & blue IR.
  71. relghazi

    Use headphones and mute other outputs?

    /FM3 n00b question here: My FM3 is connected to studio monitors via the XLR OUT1 L and R outputs (and external stereo pedals via Input 2/FX Return L+R and Output 2 L). Is there a way to use headphones through the headphones output but also mute OUT1? I'm trying to do some quiet practicing...

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #11 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Le bloc AMP dans le détail ! 1° PARTIE 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #11 - AXE-FX III & FM3 - Le bloc AMP dans le détail ! 1° PARTIE La Simulation d’ampli dans l’Axe-Fx III et le FM3. Passage en revue des paramètres du bloc AMP. 1° partie : : page AUTHENTIC - page IDEAL - page PREAMP.
  73. iamcaseydilla

    FM3 VS Quad Cortex

    Hey guys! I currently have an Axe FX III, but I am considering switching to something smaller so I can have a backpack/pedalboard style rig. I’m not sure what to do, I just want less bulk and great sound. I play prog metal. Any suggestions?
  74. Nimbas

    Checking in

    Hey guys - I've been out of the loop for a while and just wanted to get a pulse on what's going on. I was on the waitlist for an FM3 seems like a year or so ago and just got frustrated checking the site every day and moved on. Current status appears like they are shipping but still delayed...

    FM3 (Two Rock J35) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 19 (part 3) 😊

    🇺🇸 Impro with the beautiful Luke III 2020 HH on "Soulful Seductive Groove in A Minor” from Elevated Jam Tracks with the Two Rock Jet 35 of the FM3. 🎸😉 🇫🇷 Impro avec la belle Luke III 2020 HH sur “Soulful Seductive Groove in A Minor” de chez Elevated Jam Tracks avec le Two Rock Jet 35 du FM3. 🎸😉
  76. Burgs

    Occasional blanking FC-6 scribble strips - FM3/FC-6 OMG9

    Running 3.01 and 1.11. I haven't noticed a specific cause but I'm getting occasional blanking of FC-6 scribble strips. The buttons and LEDS seem unaffected when this happens - right colours displayed and assignments still work. But the strips go blank every now and then. A reboot fixes them again.
  77. sanctuaryofsoul


    PLEASE give us a pedal edit view feature when you are performing. It would be able to tap an effect that you had programmed on the board and see it's parameters pop up instantly to bend down and adjust. This would be useful when we go to the effects section on the FM3 and tap on an effect. It...
  78. Burgs

    Stage rig #100... Another one. Video and preset d/l

    The 2021 gig season begins this week for me. Here's my FM3 stage-rig-in-progress rundown and download link for anyone interested in mucking about with it. Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8527
  79. Z

    Original Recording using FM3 and custom "Shiva Diva" Preset

    Just received my FM3 last Wednesday. Made a custom preset based on the Bogner Shiva and SLO-100 then recording an original song with it. All sounds from custom preset. Check it out!
  80. mtripp

    Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' For You

    This preset was made using a AVRI 57 Strat with stock everything. It uses 3 Scenes, so no need to tap-dance! First scene uses a few pitch controllers to set the Harmony scale, as well as the Flanger. Any notes below the C note of that scale will bypass both the Pitch and Flanger blocks, and...
  81. VanDaven

    FM3 S/PDiF routing / signal flow

    I just received my FM3 and I am blown away by what it offers (even though I own the AXE-FX III). At the moment, it is connected to a Lynx HiLo via S/PDiF, examining an issue with a pretty low input level led to the following findings: • The FM3 S/PDiF output is dependent on the levels set on...

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #9 - Presets 287 & 315 😊🎸

    🇺🇸 The beautiful factory presets #315 "A Kind of Dream" and #287 "Yngwie" from the FM3. A Luke II transformed into a guitar "synth" and a Luke III in a 50w Marshall Plexi via a Fulltone Full-Drive, that's all ! 🎸😊 🇫🇷 Les présets d’usine magnifiques #315 “A Kind of Dream” et #287 “Yngwie” du...
  83. L

    Bug? FM3 crackle, pop, noise direct to DAW

    Just got my FM3. Firmware Version 3.01 Build 12/21/20 I'm plugged in to my UR242 with xlr-to-xlr cables. I'm using Cubase Elements. My audio out is to stereo yamaha hs8. I'm getting intermittent crackling, popping noise. I tried changing guitars but still the same. Check for clipping and...
  84. C

    2nd song in 14yrs....FM3 Princeton only

    Hey everyone... So here's my 2nd songwriting attempt. This one is called Tease. It's a bit less emotional than the 1st song, but still turned into a fun rock tune. I am by no means a lead guitar guy...so go easy on the solo. :p. I might also add a bit of bgv on the chorus. Let me know what...

    FM3 (Friedman BE C45) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 47 😉

    🇫🇷 Impro avec la belle Luke III 2020 HH sur “Mellow Soulful Groove in E” de chez Elevated Jam Tracks avec le Friedman BE C45 du FM3. 🎸😉 🇺🇸 Impro with the beautiful Luke III 2020 HH on "Mellow Soulful Groove in E” from Elevated Jam Tracks with the Friedman BE C45 of the FM3. 🎸😉
  86. A

    My first patch

    This is my first patch available on AxeChange : AA - MM - Base you could find on Axe Change ... preset=8483 Any comments are welcome. Good rock to you!!!
  87. W

    White Noise XLR

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum and have been enjoying the FM3. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced white noise/sound interference when hooking up the FM3 via XLR to an audio interface? I'm on the updated firmware 3.0 and running into a UA Apollo Twin. Cheers!
  88. J

    Preset list view in the MasterLayout

    Hi I'm coming from the AX8, I sold it and buy the FM3, this journey has been very difficult because FM3 is so different that the AX8 system, I think we lose the ability to see in the screen the effects block, the scenes and the effect like the AX8, the screen always show the profile name on top...
  89. A

    Block ITA

    Hi to all, I have read that is in progress translate block page in Italian. Someone have news about this? Thanks in advance.
  90. D

    Gig bag with a big pocket for FM3

    As the title suggests - what are the options? I think I looked all over internet, and the closest to what I want to get is Gator Pro-Go. I would buy it right away, but not sure if FM3 will actually fit in that pocket. Do anyone of you have this gig bag to check this out?
  91. M

    MIDI with FM3

    A total noob when it comes to MIDI, so pls bear with me. I’m contemplating to add a MIDI controller such as Morningstar MC6 to my FM3 to allow for more control without buying a FC6 (love it but quite expensive). My question is: would the MIDI controller “know” in what preset you are on the FM3...
  92. danchez

    Not able to transfer presets to FM3 via Fractal-Bot

    I keep getting an error message when I try to send a downloaded patch via FractalBot to my FM3. I actually haven't been able to transfer any patches whatsoever since I got my FM3 with v1.06. The message says it's not able to communicate with the device. I have the latest version of FractalBot...

    FM3 (Bogner Uberschall) - Luke III 2020 HH - Elevated Jam Tracks 36 😉

    🇺🇸 Jam with the beautiful Luke III 2020 HH on "Soulful Blues Groove in D Minor” from Elevated Jam Tracks with the Bogner Uberschall of the FM3. 😉 🇫🇷 Impro avec la belle Luke III 2020 HH sur “Soulful Blues Groove in D Minor” de chez Elevated Jam Tracks avec le Bogner Uberschall du FM3.

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #10 - Axe-Fx III & FM3 - Simulation de baffle ? Le bloc CAB en détail ! 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #10 - Axe-Fx III & FM3 - Simulation de baffle ? Le bloc CAB en détail ! 🎸 Simulation de baffle dans l’Axe-Fx III et le FM3. Passage en revue du bloc CAB. Réglages de base - Qu’est-ce qu’une Réponse Impulsionnelle (IR) - Charger une IR - Page du Préampli - Aligner 2 IR en...
  95. M

    [solved] Per-preset lay-out

    Have had my FM3 for a week now, coming from AX8. On the AX8 I had a preset set up specifically for each song (pretty much), with specific effects / scenes / XY switching / control switches etc. assigned to particular footswtiches. Moving to the FM3, I decided to try and bring it down to ca. 5...
  96. T

    FS For Sale: FM3

    I've had my FM3 for a couple weeks now and even though it sounds amazing, I feel like it's a little too much for what my current needs are so I'm thinking about parting with it. I don't have the original packaging anymore but I'm sure I can work out what you'd be comfortable with (box with...
  97. M.M.

    "Match" of a Jet City JCA22h (Soldano-ish)

    Did a blind test video for fun, got pretty close without much tweaking. Hope you enjoy it!
  98. M.M.

    FM3 and real amp blind test

    I started messing around with my amps and the FM3, and did a blind test just for fun. I'm also gonna do one with my Marshall Bluesbreaker combo. Used the same cabinet IR for both amps, with the real amp loaded down with a Suhr Reactive Load. Changed some "components" on the Fractal Soldano...
  99. Greg Ferguson

    Fixed FM3-Edit failing to reconnect after computer sleeps

    I'm on an iMac Pro running Big Sur 11.0.1, FM-3 Edit 1.02.00, and FW 2.00 - beta 1, and an FC-6. When the iMac voluntarily sleeps for an hour or more (maybe less even), FM-3 Edit is no longer communicating with the FM-3. The interface is alive, but it won't tell the FM-3 to do anything like...
  100. Steven Fernandez

    XLR Switch box for FM3?

    I have two monitors connected to my FM3 XLR's outputs. I also have an FRFR that I like to connect when reheasing. So, the monitors I connect when recording and the FRFR for everything else. I need a XLR switching box where I can have it all connected it all and just switch from one to the other...
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