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Nektar pacer MIDI controller not working with Axe-Fx 2

Hi guys how are you?
This is my first post on the forum.
Just bought a nektar pacer midi controller which comes with axe Fx 2 ready presets.
Connected it with a 5 pin midi cable. Axe Fx 2 seems to receive messages (the midi in is lighting up every time I press any nektar pacer stomp) but neither preset b5 or b6 are working.
Have anyone had this trouble?
Nektar is sending information on channel 1 and axe is receiving also on channel 1.
Check my preset to have the stomps that pacer preset control but nothing is happening on my axe Fx 2.

Would be very grateful if someone can help me with this.

Hey Steve thanks so much for answering man!
I fixed it. Spent almost 2 hours yesterday with it now program changes and continuous messages changes are working just had to read both axe Fx and nektar manuals. Would love to see the tuner on the nektar screen that would be awesome.


That’s good news. Now for the bad news. The Nekar can turn the tuner on and off but it can’t display the tuner on its screen. The LED screen on the pacer is pretty limited.
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