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axefx 2 xl

  1. Andrea Maccianti

    Testament - Practice What You Preach Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my humble tribute to Testament, especially to the great Alex Skolnick! Hope you like it! 🙏😊🎸
  2. Arkks

    Progressive Metal / Ambient Spacey tones

    Hi all, Ive just released a new single. All guitar tones are AxeFx2 xl. Heavy prog Djent tones to layered spacey cleans. Had a lot of fun writing and producing this track. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Zakk Wylde - “No More Tears” Guitar Solo with ARES

    Here my No More Tears "attempt" 😅 Guitar Solo by the mighty Zakk Wylde. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    ARES 2.00 JCM 800 MOD

    Hey guys, quick test here for the latest release of the new ARES Firmware version 2.00 released just yesterday for Fractal Audio AxeFx2 MK1, MK2, XL and XL+ The test was done on my Marshall JCM 800 MOD preset. I suggest everyone to update, because it's really worth it!
  5. R

    Bug? Axe-Fx II XL & Axe-Edit erases and shifts presets

    Axe Fx II XL & Axe Edit erases and shifts presets. I've tried several Firmware updates, to the Quantum & Ares latest versions, and nothing helps, I encounter the same problems. Axe-Manage completely killed my presets in the Axe Fx (completely blank). Have you solved this problem while...
  6. guitarair

    Headrush FRFR-108 vs Studio monitors. Please help me choose!

    Dear adept Axe-Fx users, Newbie here. I just bought my Axe-Fx II XL+. Now I am confused how to use my Axe-Fx, whether an FRFR speaker or studio monitors. I will be using it basically for home practice. I won't be gigging next few months, so my main purpose is home practice and recording. I...
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Bogner Ecstasy (Lead Tone)

    Hey guys, here few notes with my Bogner Ecstasy preset, for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Here I using the scene 5. He has in total 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy! :)
  8. Arkks

    Spacey Cleans/ Progressive OD's

    Hi all, I've just released a single, all self produced. All guitars via AxeFx2xl. Let me your thoughts. Arkks
  9. T

    Bug? Axe Fx 2 XL + Randomly Powering Off

    My axefx 2 has worked perfectly for the last year since I purchased it. But there have been 2 situations as of late where the Axe randomly flipped off during practice. I always run it connected to a power conditioner. Both times I had to repeatedly switch it on & off before it worked and then no...
  10. Arkks

    Metal/Djent tones (Rate and i'll share the preset)

    Hi all Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  11. B

    Setting Levels between AXE FX2 XL and Apollo Twin 2 - Harsh Tone

    When I play my AXE FX2 XL plugged direct to my studio monitors from Output 1 it sounds great, once I try to run the outputs 1+2 from the AXE into the XLR inputs on the Apollo the sound changes and becomes harsh and brittle. The levels seem to be ok, but the sound sucks compared to the direct...
  12. Andrea Maccianti

    Suhr PT100 Preset

  13. J00McG00

    New Music

    Hey All, I'm back at it again with more metal tracks! Check it out and see if you like it. Using AxeFx2XL into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Cubase 9.5. Simple processing, nothing fancy.
  14. Andrea Maccianti

    Acoustic Simulation Preset

    Here, my first acoustic simulation preset.
  15. J

    Bug? High Pitch Screeching especially when I boost the 4k & 8k range

    I'm using the high gain PVH 6160+ Rhy B patch and I am trying to record rythym tracks but this high screech is bleeding into my tracks and it is super apparent when I lay my finger against the 1/4 cable (connected to the Axe but not the guitar) Here below is a recording of my finger being...
  16. T

    Wish MFC 101 & Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues

    For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a...
  17. Andrea Maccianti

    FREE Joe Satriani Preset - “The Crush Of Love” - Volume Pedal Test

    Joe Satriani - The Crush Of Love
  18. J00McG00

    Djent / Metal Music

    Hey all. I’m relatively new to the forum, but I am an avid, long-time axe fx user. I’ve finally built up both the skill and courage to record some new music, and i wanted everyone to check it out. If you’re into djent and the new metal scene, this will be right ip your alley. Shout out to one...
  19. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall JMP 2203 Aldrich Mod

    Hello friends! As promised in the previous video, here is the Marshall JMP 2203 scene by scene. He has 8 scenes. Inspired by the Marshall JMP 2203 Aldrich Mod. I hope you enjoy! :)
  20. Semih Yanyali

    New Music Video (Live) & Guitars Axe Fx II XL - Amp model Wrecker Rocket

    here is a recent relase. did the live production, played guitar & ableton push on this one. Also had the pleasure of mixing it. guitars are through Axe Fx 2 XL. Amp model Wrecker Rocket with TAF 1*x12 G12M IRs. Guitar is Fender Custom Shop 66 Telecaster. All preset, scene, tempo changes are...
  21. C

    Quick goldfoil / slide jam

    Heard a Blake Mills song and got inspired to dial up a cranked fender patch... Then the slide came out, and I just hit record. I am a shit slide player, and my action is way too low, but I had fun haha! Amps were Deluxe Tweed and Vibrato Verb CS FW 9.04 LOVING this tone. I usually use the...
  22. Andrea Maccianti

    Bogner XTC Blue OD

    Hey guys, here my Bogner XTC Blue OD over this Chill Backing Track :)
  23. Arkks

    Layered Ambient guitars.

    Lots of layered guitars. The delays on the axefx are awesome! Arkks
  24. Andrea Maccianti

    Dr Z Patch (8 Scenes)

  25. Shredder3386

    *Metal Content* New Single (with special Guests) All Axefx XL+

    Hey guys, I finally completed the first single off of my upcoming EP "At Winter's End." As expected, all the guitars and bass were AxeFx :). I used my favourite model, the 5153 Red with a custom amp sim I created. The track is called "I've Seen It All" and features Tim MacMillar from Protest...
  26. Andrea Maccianti

    AXEFX2/AX8 SOLDANO X88+PEAVEY 5150 80's

    The "A.M. 80's Landau/Huff" has 4 Scenes. One of my own CUSTOM IR included.
  27. chugsandtone

    Why should I consider the Axe FX II? Help please!

    Hello everyone, So the AXE FX II has always been in my wishlist for the last 3 years. But finally I might make the call. Just want to know from someone who has been in a similar situation like I'm right now. I record typically guitars and at times the bass. I've been using a Presonus Audiobox...
  28. Andrea Maccianti

    Bicio's Inspiration

    The "A.M. BICIO" has 4 Scenes. One of my own CUSTOM IR included. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use.
  29. Andrea Maccianti


    My humble tribute to Journey and the great Neal Schon. I hope you enjoy guys! :D
  30. Andrea Maccianti


    Just my attempt! :) Forgive me but I've never played this until now, I tried it this morning and I did the video. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! :)
  31. Andrea Maccianti

    Mr.Crowley Guitar Solo/Improv

    Dalla mia pagina di Facebook :) spero che vi piaccia! mantenere Ro
  32. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman Dirty Shirley "Quantum 8.00 Beta"

    Testing a new firmware release Quantum 8.00 Beta Let me know :)
  33. Andrea Maccianti

    AXE-FX2 "A.M. BOGNER SHIVA" (Quantum 7.02)

    Patch based on Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary. Has 6 Scenes and User Cab included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  34. Andrea Maccianti


    I love the songs 80 years including this one. This song by Richard Marx and guitars by Mike Landau. Here I used my A.M. Patch 80's Landau / Huff Patch based on Soldano X88R and Peavey 5150. Has 6 Scenes. User Cab here. User Cab included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  35. Andrea Maccianti

    AXE-FX2 Factory Patch "Plexi Screaming 2"

    By scrolling through hundreds of factory Patch, I stumbled on this. Based on Plexi 50w Normal. Look at that! I modified the cab with my User Cab and I changed the type of Delay. That's it :) Thank you! :)
  36. Andrea Maccianti


  37. Andrea Maccianti


  38. Andrea Maccianti


  39. Andrea Maccianti


    I want to dedicate this video to the great Dimebag Darrell. I love him. I do not know if the sound is similar, but it is not my interest, I wanted to build a sound that would appeal to me and the Fractal Axe-Fx2 gave it to me.Has 4 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. Delay and Reverb...
  40. Andrea Maccianti


    Amo Ozzy Osbourne, amo Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde and Jake E.Lee Spero vi piaccia! :)
  41. Andrea Maccianti


    Ecco il mio cerotto Un'altra al Frattale Axe -FX2 Marshall Plexi 100w Chitarra utilizzato: Fender Stratocaster Usa con pickupSeymour Duncan SSL-5, Fender Medio69 e Fender collo 50.
  42. Andrea Maccianti


    Mi piace molto Eric Johnson, la prova di un patch per Frattale Axe-FX2
  43. Andrea Maccianti


    Hey ragazzi, ecco la mia patch Los Lobotomys epoca. Amo questo album Candyman 94. Spero che ti piace e Keep Rockin'!!! :)
  44. Andrea Maccianti

    John Sykes Patch - Out Of Love

    Qui mio modesto omaggio a uno dei miei preferiti! Mr.John Sykes !!! E uno dei migliori assoli che ho sentito. La base musicale è stata fatta da me. Divertiti! :)
  45. BreadTooth

    SOLVED: Strange Behavior MFC III - power up to random preset

    Maybe someone here can help a brother out. Noticing strange behavior with AxeFx II XL v6.1 to MFC III v3.08. When powering up, the AxeFx & MFC go through their simultaneous boot up sequence. The AxeFx finishes booting up first, and displays the last preset I was using when the device was powered...
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