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    "My Effin' Life" book

    I read the hardback when it came out and enjoyed it very much. Now it is just taking up space on my shelf. So, if anyone in the US would like a hard copy of the book you can have mine for $10 (to help cover shipping). Shoot me a PM if you're interested. [EDIT: book is sold]
  2. TFC

    Difficulties seeing the side dots on the neck on a dark or dim stage

    Yeah. The dots are bright white and can be easily seen on a very dim stage. I use it on some of my older PRS which have dots that don't contrast much with the rosewood fretboard. Obviously, you can't see them in complete darkness, but as long as there is a little light, which is much more...
  3. TFC

    FM9 Firmware Version 6.00 public beta (1)

    Excellent. What is the cost of turning on gapless switching? In other words, why wouldn't you want it on? Does it consume CPU? Thanks!
  4. TFC

    What’s your Main Gee-tar!!! And why….

    I have guitars with the full humbucker 57/08s and those with the Narrowfields. They really don't sound alike. The full humbucker 57/08s sound like many other PAF-style humbuckers. I'm a fan of them, as they're semi-hot and have lots of character. The Narrowfields have more low end output and...
  5. TFC

    What’s your Main Gee-tar!!! And why….

    What Rick said except my #1 is seafoam (see my avatar). It's basically a Strat with a whole lot more awesome sauce built in. My main preset for my variety rock/country/dance cover band is a modified version of the Stone in Love preset on my FM9. I've found that using the volume knob on an NF3...
  6. TFC

    What gear did Alex use on Hemispheres in 1978?

    This is from the Guitar Player (1980) and Guitar World (1996) magazine interviews: Same guitars as A Farewell to Kings (GP80): 355 (first album using 355) (GP80) 335 (GP80) B45 12-string (GP80) Dove (GP80) Gibson J-55 (GP80) White Gibson double-neck (GP80) 71 Ramirez classical (GP80) 77...
  7. TFC

    Baseline Hard Rock/Metal Tone Settings for Live Gigs?

    Try factory preset #10 Brit 800, scene 5 Hot Lead. Adjust to taste.
  8. TFC

    Anti-Fatigue Mat

    I bought a 3' x 5' mat at my local Lowe's for about $40 that really helps my knees and back. It rolls up and is easy to transport. I believe it's this one: I've used it for 10 months...
  9. TFC

    Gift of Tone 2023 FINAL - Neal Schon!

    You're probably right. It's best to wait until Fractal gets this sorted. That way there's only one version floating around. I'll wait until the download link on the GoT page returns the working preset.
  10. TFC

    Gift of Tone 2023 FINAL - Neal Schon!

    @Chromatizm Can you try exporting your preset and posting it here?
  11. TFC

    Gift of Tone 2023 FINAL - Neal Schon!

    Just tried it and no luck.
  12. TFC

    Gift of Tone 2023 FINAL - Neal Schon!

    Thanks! I'm having trouble importing the FM3 preset. Preset -> Import Preset is resulting in a blank preset. The previous GoT presets imported without issue. I've got firmware 7.0 installed. Attached is the preset file included with the download from the GoT page link. Any help would be most...
  13. TFC

    SOLD PRS 513 Swamp Ash - Seafoam Green - $2250

    Bump with lower price and possible trades.
  14. TFC

    SOLD PRS 513 Swamp Ash - Seafoam Green - $2250

    $2250 shipped and PayPal in CONUS Not really looking to trade, but might consider a swap for a PRS 509. Also might consider something else plus cash if it's mostly cash coming my way. For sale is my 2011 Paul Reed Smith 513 in excellent condition. Switching allows for a total of 13...
  15. TFC

    Need help with a 90's cover band name???

    Wow, 9 years is a long time. Just looking to do something different? Here's 2 names: Whatever Smells Like Flannel
  16. TFC

    FM9 Faulty footswitch

    Here' an update in case anyone finds this thread. It has been a couple of weeks and my FM9 has gotten a lot of use, including 2 gigs, and the issue has not reoccurred. It seems doing a system reset and then reinstalling the system config worked.
  17. TFC

    FM9 Faulty footswitch

    I did a factory reset and then re-installed my backed up system config. So far, so good, but the switch issue was intermittent so time will tell if anything has changed.
  18. TFC

    FM9 Faulty footswitch

    No, not yet. I was hoping for a response from the OP first. I may give it a try this evening.
  19. TFC

    FM9 Faulty footswitch

    My issue is not with the switch getting physically stuck. When testing I pressed it with my hand repeatedly and it depresses smoothly, but it does not register on the "EZ" page. So, it seems more like a firmware issue, especially since it is resolved by a reboot. But I'm open to other possibilities.
  20. TFC

    FM9 Faulty footswitch

    Quick question about this: If I back up my current system settings, do a factory reset and then reinstall my backed up settings, would I just be reintroducing the cause of the glitch in the system configuration?
  21. TFC

    FM9 Faulty footswitch

    @minseito Have you had this problem again since you did the factory reset in November? I seem to be having a similar problem. One switch won't work, but then works after a reboot. This has happened a couple of times now.
  22. TFC

    I Just Purchased Cooper Carter's Axe Fx III Class

    I was in the same spot as you. I had the Standard, Axe II, AX8, FM3 and now FM9. I know how to figure stuff out that I need (switching, etc.) on my own but have very little experience with real world amps and dialing in tones. I was basically a "set it and forget it" guy, both with amps and with...
  23. TFC

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01

    Improvement: Pitch Block and Pitch Follower use new pitch detection based on Axe-Fx III
  24. TFC

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.02 beta 1

    Thanks! Virtual Capo 1/2 step down went from unusable to usable with this release.
  25. TFC

    Scene Ignore

    I had the same thought. Personally, I understand Scene Ignore, but that's because I have an actual use case for it. The channel stuff did make my eyes start to glaze over. I think a common use case for typical bar bands would be using it for the Virtual Capo for the songs you need to play 1/2...
  26. TFC

    Movie Review: Nobody

    Other than that, how did you like the film? Reminds me of my favorite movie review ever:
  27. TFC

    FM9 Case?

    Two big thumbs up for the Seahorse 920 case. I've used mine for several gigs and rehearsals and it's excellent. I can now get all my gear from car to stage in one trip. It holds all my more fragile items: FM9, wireless receiver & transmitter, microphone and pedals, along with some cables. I got...
  28. TFC

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta
  29. TFC

    IEM setup for home

    Which super-cheap wireless did you get?
  30. TFC

    Sticky/crunchy feel to buttons on FM9

    I noticed the same when the FM9 was on the floor and I used the button toppers shaped like speed knobs. I don't have that problem without toppers or when using the mushroom-shaped toppers.
  31. TFC

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    OK, two more since I just saw the post above with Divinyls.
  32. TFC

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Metal Church & Martin Briley! Great thread. Here are two more that should have been way more popular (and one of them is Canadian).
  33. TFC

    FM9 Case?

    Excellent! Thank you.
  34. TFC

    FM9 Case?

    Looks like it might be a tight fit length-wise. If it works this might be the route I go, especially if you can use the bottom layer of foam for accessories and the top for the FM9. Would you mind posting photos once you get it and set it up?
  35. TFC

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    Is there a thread or something else I can subscribe to to ensure that I get notified when this and other public betas and full releases get released? I mean, I check into the forum 100x a day, but still, just in case I blink or something...
  36. TFC

    2019 PRS MODCAT Decoder

    No. MODCATs are formatted similar to this, with more letters than numbers: 5MM2F-HVIB2_CC_NS-SK. As Rick said above, they're usually on the side of the case. They can also be on stickers under the pickups. If I had to guess (and this is just a guess), the numbers on the tag in your photo are SKU...
  37. TFC

    FC-6 as Midi Controller

    Yes, if you're not changing sounds with a change of scene, there won't be a gap in sound. I don't know if you can send 12 MIDI messages (control switch [4] + scene MIDI [8]) with one tap or hold of a footswitch, but that may be possible. I seem to recall some way of performing more than one...
  38. TFC

    FC-6 as Midi Controller

    In addition to 6 global Control Switches that can send 4 MIDI messages each, you can also use the Scene MIDI block: The Scene MIDI block will allow you to send up to 8 MIDI messages each time you change to a different scene...
  39. TFC

    My New FMK9!

    Just got the unit a couple of days ago and finally had a chance to start setting it up, but the pup had other ideas. Maybe tomorrow... Anyone else have the FMK9? Maybe a Cats FX? Share some photos!
  40. TFC

    Waitlist Email

    Invitation just received: 10/4 1:39 Eastern. Waitlist email sent & confirmation received: 8/27 1:48 Eastern
  41. TFC

    Is it possible to have a separate footswitch layout for each scene?

    That is something that I think you should be able to do with a physical switch (linking it to a stand in switch) but I don't think you can with a MIDI switch. There is a wish list thread already for adding this capability via MIDI...
  42. TFC

    FM9 Layout possible with FM3 + FC6?

    I've been spending some time lately working on layouts and have a few things that I've found to be helpful when programing switches: 1) In Edit, just below the Layout name, you'll see "Show Edits On:". If you select FM3 and FC1 then you'll see your changes directly on the FM3 and FC6. 2) I...
  43. TFC

    FM9 Layout possible with FM3 + FC6?

    This can be done. The first step is to enable the FC6 compatibility mode (SETUP --> FC CONTROLLERS --> Config --> FC6/FC12 Compatibility mode). This sets up the FC6 views to consist of 2 rows of 3 buttons each. Next, set up 3 FC6 views to have your 3 main buttons (presets, scenes, fx) on the...
  44. TFC

    My FM3 Board Setup

    @Scott Peterson Nice board! Thanks for sharing & the run down. I'm comparing your Mono large board & padded case vs. the similarly sized Pedaltrain Novo 32 with the road case w/wheels. I have a few questions about the Mono bag. How well does your board fit, specifically in regard to the height...
  45. TFC

    AX8 V6.02 Released

    Anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks!
  46. TFC

    General tone match question and rush clean tone

    Alex Lifeson wasn't using Hiwatts yet in the 2112 days. You may want to start with the 1987x or one of the plexi amps along with a Marshall 4x12 cabinet.
  47. TFC

    How to tell which firmware version

    You have to press the "SHIFT" button first then the "SETUP/STORE" button to get to the setup menu.
  48. TFC

    Oh. No.

    Ouch! Is that a PRS? You may want to contact their tech center for an estimate. They aren't cheap, but I've heard only great things about their repair work. Whatever you do, best of luck.
  49. TFC

    Does AX-8 Support Global Blocks?

    Nope. It was one of the most requested features after it was released.
  50. TFC

    Creating AX8 presets for live use

    Play as loud as you can at home and come up with something that sounds decent. Then at rehearsal (full volume with band), with no effects on, adjust the amp setting using the knobs on the unit (bass, middle, treble, gain, master, etc). That should get you pretty close. In the cab block, adjust...
  51. TFC

    Well, after a few shows I have a complaint

    One other thing I'd check is the master volume of the amp. If that's relatively low, you won't get the dynamics you want when rolling down the volume. I like to keep the Plexi style amps master at 10, or pretty close.
  52. TFC

    Older Ultra feedback patch

    Thank you! I didn't realize you can view presets offline.
  53. TFC

    Older Ultra feedback patch

    I'm looking for the same thing for the AX8. Unfortunately I don't have an Ultra or II to open the attached .syx files. Can anyone provide either a description of how the presets work or maybe a screen shot from Axe-Edit? Thanks.
  54. TFC

    Help! UPS smashed my AX8

    Why not just go to the support page ( and submit a ticket? If you ask them to call you, I bet they will.
  55. TFC

    Atomic CLR problem

    Thanks for the info and the warning. If I can fix this thing for under $10 in parts, then I'm going to learn what I need to learn to do it.
  56. TFC

    Atomic CLR problem

    Well, I'm not sure it's the power supply in my case. It has the same symptoms as yours, though. Does yours always take a while to start up? In my case, it's intermittent. It usually starts right up, but sometimes I have to wait a few minutes and then it pops and turns on. I am curious to know...
  57. TFC

    Atomic CLR problem

    Please keep us posted on your progress. I have the same problem with my older CLR. I had contacted Tom a while ago and when I finally heard back from him, the told me that there was no way to troubleshoot over the phone and I'd have to send it in. I didn't at the time because it still worked...
  58. TFC

    AX8 V3.50 Released

    Most likely because this update contains more than just bug fixes and a new amp. There is enough new functionality (momentary switches, controller switches, bank limit) to warrant a more significant version number upgrade.
  59. TFC

    AX8 V3.50 Released

    Thanks so much for listening to our requests for controller switch functionality. That was the biggest thing I was missing from my Axe/MFC set up. You guys are great. EDITED to add: Thanks also for posting firmware updates in the "News" forum. I subscribe to that forum, so I get emails each...
  60. TFC

    Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (feat. Siegfried at vocals)

    Love the arrangement and all the changes you guys made. I might even like this more than the original. Sounds fantastic.
  61. TFC

    Shure GLX-D

    I power my receiver with a 1-Spot. Works fine.
  62. TFC

    Any decent floor wedges under 500?

    +1 for a K10. They're decent enough, lightweight and loud enough. I used one for a couple years and it did the job. With some patience, you should be able to find a used one for under $500 in good shape. I bought 2 used and both were under $500 (Craigs List and eBay).
  63. TFC

    Backup solutions for live performances

    I use a Zoom G3, which has pretty good amp sims, especially for the price. They react to adjustments in my guitar's volume better than the Digitech units that I've used. It's very compact and you can find them used for $100 or even less if you are patient. The switching isn't that great, but it...
  64. TFC

    Axefx II or Ax8 - advice required

    The AX8 isn't really any simpler than the Axe II as far as tweaking sounds go. The AX8 has 95% of the editing parameters that the Axe-Fx has. If you're going to be editing on a computer, the experience will be nearly identical for both units. If you edit on the units themselves, the Axe-Fx is a...
  65. TFC

    Scored a Marshall Club and Country

    There is a 4140 that was just listed on my local Craigs List. It's purported to be in very good, original condition, in case anyone in NH is interested...
  66. TFC

    Live routing FRFR/FOH

    Agreed. I should have mentioned that that is my preferred option as well.
  67. TFC

    Live routing FRFR/FOH

    The Friedmans only have XLR inputs, so you'll have to run the XLR outs from OUT 1 to the Friedmans, as you stated. As far as FOH, it looks like you have 3 options: 1) Run the Friedman XLR outs to FOH 2) Run 1/4" outs from AX8 OUT 1 to FOH 3) Run 1/4" outs from AX8 OUT 2 to FOH In the first...
  68. TFC

    WISH: Amp-Cab X/Y footswitch

    Another vote for being able to treat the foot switches like external switches.
  69. TFC

    Pedalboard Wireless setup

    Another vote for the Shure. I've used it for about 6 months now and it's great for all the reasons everyone states. I used to use an X2 unit, which was the precursor to the Line6 G series. That worked for me well too, without any issues. The build quality of the Shure along with the built in...
  70. TFC

    Metallica Live in Berkeley CA music store Lots axe fx!!!!

    That made my day. The old stuff rocks, and seeing it in the small venue, raw like that, is great.
  71. TFC

    Price might be too good to be true. What to look out for?

    That's pretty much the price I sold my Axe II Mk I and MFC Mk I for very recently (and for the same reason - got an AX8). It's a good deal, not a "too good to be true" price. It's more of a "priced to sell quickly" price. The fact that he offered to help you with Axe Edit is a good sign. Best...
  72. TFC

    VIDEO: Compression for more gain 2

    That tone is TOIGHT!! ;) Thanks for making the vid and sharing all this info.
  73. TFC

    Communication time out in Ax8 Edit

    We've had this conversation in another thread recently. I too believe it's a Vista issue though could be wrong about that. Vista is not junk as I've used it for years now without issue. Most importantly, the Fractal site says that AX8 Edit runs on Vista.
  74. TFC

    Communication time out in Ax8 Edit

    Yeah believe me I know it's supposed to work with Vista. I was fortunate to have inherited another laptop the day after I discovered it didn't work with my Vista machine. If you do happen to send your unit in I'd love to hear any updates you have about if or when this problem is solved.
  75. TFC

    Communication time out in Ax8 Edit

    I have the same problem with Vista, and I think it's related to that. It works for me on Windows 10. When I contacted support they suggested I send in my unit. You may want to contact them. But if you have another OS available, give that a try too.
  76. TFC

    AX8 Wishes

    Gotcha, re: navigating a list. I don't recall seeing that, so I'm not sure where that might exist. I (and others) have a different preference regarding the pages with 6 knobs. For me, if the page has 6 knobs, it would be more intuitive for the A-D knobs to adjust values and the E knob be used...
  77. TFC

    AX8 Wishes

    I'm not following you. Here's the PWR DYN tab from the amp block:
  78. TFC

    AX8 Wishes

    Several tabs in the amp block use "E" to adjust values (Friedman BE, v 2.02).
  79. TFC

    Possible bug - preset volume when switching between presets

    I am having an issue when I switch between preset 4 and preset 1 in a particular bank. Sometimes it works properly, but other times (maybe half or more) when I switch to preset 1 the volume is very low. I've attached the bank and user cab 3, which is used in preset 1. To test: 1) install the...
  80. TFC

    Dang the Axe sounded good this weekend...

    Wow, amazing production and sounded great. I usually can't make it past one verse of a worship song, and I ended up listening to all 10 minutes of this one. Very nice.
  81. TFC

    newb question re: expression pedal

    Line 6 pedals can be used, but you will need to do a little re-wiring. I have "converted" a Mission Line 6 pedal to use with my AxeFx in the past. I don't remember the specifics, but I think I had to add one wire and move another wire or two. If you are comfortable with a soldering iron you can...
  82. TFC

    AX8 - One week to set up

    That is how you navigate from editing X to editing Y. I was asking how to swap the settings in X and Y. Sorry, I could have been a little clearer.
  83. TFC

    AX8 - One week to set up

    Thank you, Joe. Your instructions worked. Any chance there is also a way to swap X and Y in a block without using AX8 Edit? :) Seems strange that you have to have an F switch set to one of those values in order to get to the recall screen. I didn't have any of my F switches set to SINGLE PRESET...
  84. TFC

    AX8 - One week to set up

    @Joe Rogers or anyone else - where can I find the EFFECT tab that you are referring to? I would like to import an effect block from one of my presets to another. I don't see an effect tab in the utility section. I could have sworn that I have done this before, though. That tab hasn't been...
  85. TFC

    My custom AX8 workstation ;)

    Ha! No cat or small children in the house. And as long as the AX8 doesn't smell like food or grow hands for scratching, the dogs will leave it alone. Regardless though, I put it on the floor when I'm not programming it.
  86. TFC

    My custom AX8 workstation ;)

    Yeah, I wish all editing functionality was available via the unit. Maybe in future releases.
  87. TFC

    My custom AX8 workstation ;)

    I'm not a fan of using a computer and AX8 Edit to edit my AX8. I prefer to work directly on the unit, since I don't bring a computer to gigs or rehearsals. Better to be familiar with how everything works than rely on a computer. However, one drawback of not using a computer is that to make...
  88. TFC

    FracTool - for power users only

    Haven't tried this yet, but with this tool it makes it much more practical to have both an Axe-Fx and AX8. Keeping the separate units in synch will be manageable. Great work and thanks so much. If I can get it to work for me you can expect a donation.
  89. TFC

    Sending MIDI CC messages w/ AX8

    That's what I figured. I asked because, like you, I think it would be great to have that added if it's not already in there. [EDIT] - Who should be notified about correcting the manual?
  90. TFC

    Sending MIDI CC messages w/ AX8

    On page 94 of the AX8 Owner's Manual, the MIDI Implementation table contains the following comment: But as far as I have been able to determine, the only MIDI Messages it can send are PC messages upon scene changes. Is the comment inaccurate? If not, how do you send CC messages? Or is this...
  91. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    I've contacted support and I will try to remember to report back what comes of it. FWIW, Axe-Edit (for the Axe Fx II) works fine on my Vista machine.
  92. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    Your advice is probably accurate, and I realize that the fact is I will be left behind if I continue to use Vista. However, the AX8 Edit page states that AX8 Edit "Requires Win 8.x, 7.x, or Vista (x86 or x64)".
  93. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    So, you're saying I shouldn't hold my breath for Vista support (for me and the 3 other guys who still use it)?
  94. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    I tried it using my new Windows 10 laptop with one of the same USBs and it worked fine. I think my Vista machine is slowly becoming obsolete...
  95. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    I've tried all 3 ports on my laptop and no luck. I almost always get this warning when starting up (and then one of the errors mentioned in my OP): I know it worked at least once when I first got the unit a few weeks ago. Sounds like ssmorga78 above is having a similar experience with AX8...
  96. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    I've tried 2 different cables, both 6 feet. I think the USB ports are powered. The cables work in other applications, and some data is getting thru, as I can usually see the preset in AX8 Edit. But once that error appears, I can't do any editing in AX8. I'm using a windows Vista laptop. Any...
  97. TFC

    AX8 Edit Communication time-out

    Can anyone tell me why I get this error message when trying to use AX8 Edit? Sometimes the error is "get_param_info", sometimes "preset_query_status", among others. Any help would be appreciated. I am unable to get AX8 Edit to work (version 1.1, AX8 firmware 2.02).
  98. TFC

    Relating to band members not as type A

    I've found the best thing to do is accept your band mates as they are and not try to change them.
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