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Sending MIDI CC messages w/ AX8


On page 94 of the AX8 Owner's Manual, the MIDI Implementation table contains the following comment:

The AX8 can transmit CC and PC messages.

But as far as I have been able to determine, the only MIDI Messages it can send are PC messages upon scene changes.

Is the comment inaccurate? If not, how do you send CC messages? Or is this something that will be implemented in the future? Does anyone have any knowledge about this?


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Currently not possible. The description you mention is a typo, because on that same chart, you'll notice that the "Control Change" row only has a mark in the Rx (receive) column, not the Tx (transmit) column.

I'd love to see it added. The AX8 is in the form factor of a controller, so some additional control would be nice. Pretty please with sugar on top, etc.
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That's what I figured. I asked because, like you, I think it would be great to have that added if it's not already in there.

[EDIT] - Who should be notified about correcting the manual?


I landed here looking for this ability also. Disappointed to see that they updated the manual to match the FW instead of the other way around. :)


Yes, to send #cc data to other units --> right now I'd like to control the amount of reverb I use in a TC Voicetone - with an expression pedal used and connected in the AX8, or one of the main footswitches - but that would be a whole new level of implementation from the Fractal software I guess.
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