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Recent content by Zmonk

  1. Z

    Massive Squealing Volume Jump With Empty Cab Block

    I had this happen while dialing in a preset at rehearsal volume levels using Cab-Manage when I selected an empty slot instead of the IR I meant to choose. It was an incredibly unpleasant experience.
  2. Z

    Preset Inspired by George Lynch

    I don't think I've posted here in years, but I wanted to say thanks for this. I've been creating Lynch patches since the days of the original Axe Fx Standard, and I've read that Micheal Wagner post a zillion times, but this seems to capture something I've never quite nailed. Thanks!
  3. Z

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Doh! Sorry, I saw the word "mix" and assumed it was your mix, despite the fact I have all the Ownhammer cabs and should have realized that. I forgot all about the Ownhammer Mix folders.
  4. Z

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    I think the screenshots for the recipes for U55 and U56 are missing?
  5. Z

    Preset conversion tool

    I would think most patches would translate pretty well for the most part, there aren't a huge amount of tone alerting parameter differences between the two, are there?
  6. Z

    Preset conversion tool

    How about something like the old 3rd party AxeReporter program? If we were able to even generate a spreadsheet and then manually input the block parameters, we'd get a pretty close facsimile of the patch, parameters only available on newer models notwithstanding. Or even a version of Axe-Edit...
  7. Z

    Is it still the plan to G3 the rest of the existing non G3"d amps?

    Here you go. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/96922-fw18-news-4.html#post1163351
  8. Z

    Ownhammer conversion to Ultra Res issue

    Can you uncheck both options and then use the mode you want from within CabLab in the Mixing Tools option using the Processing Mode dropdown choices?
  9. Z

    New Fractal Day

    They don't. It was used.
  10. Z

    Anyone experimented with a replacement Axe II lid for fan noise ?

    Have you moved away from your hair-tie solution? Also, did you mean Noctua fans as opposed to Nocta? I use Noctua in all my PC builds and they are always great and quiet.
  11. Z

    Vitamin C awesomeness! New OH Orange! & FW18 Recto mdrn comparison!

    I had a really early Rectifier, I think it was #478 if I recall correctly. I got it dirt cheap in '94 when a customer came into the store I worked at selling two of them. In the end he decided he could only part with one and I snagged the other before we ever put it out on the sales floor...
  12. Z

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    Cliff, from the above I gathered the Pull Bright is baked into the modeling of the two models that have the Pull bright on, but on the USA Lead Brt, the bright switch is off by default, and on the USA Lead Bright+ the bright switch is on by default. Does the bright switch on these models...
  13. Z

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    Ah, thanks. It turns out using the USA LD 2 YLW (or any of the TriAxis models) it appears in the front panel only, but for the MKIV based USA Lead models it does appear in Axe-Edit as well as you stated.
  14. Z

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    You have to use the front panel to see it, it's not an option in Axe-Edit.
  15. Z

    Live Mode vs None

    That worked. I could have sworn that was actually the first thing I tried, but obviously I didn't. Thanks.
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