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Recent content by Sruli

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    Download 6.02

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    Download 6.02

    Does anyone know where I can download Ax8 6.02? I want to try 7.01 but have a gig tomorrow and want to be able to roll back for the gig. Thanks in advance!
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    Tip: Adjustable Lead Volume

    I have been doing this ever since I have been using Fractal! Using the same knob as well.
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    Glenn Delaune AX8 Presets

    Glenn- the GD Dumble Jazz is the first preset created by someone else that I have found to be useful. Amazing sounds, the clean is great and then when I kick the od it's killer. I made some small changes but thanks for uploading that.
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    AX8 vs Atomic Amplifire

    I have both, the Amplifire is there as a backup. I prefer the Ax8, the Amplifire does seem to have a signature sound that is hard to dial out even when using third party IRs. I can't find any fault with the Ax8. The amp models, on board irs, effects and ability to use eq are all superior to the...
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    Top 5 AX8 amp models

    1. Freidman BE/HBE 2. Shiva Clean 3. Freidman Dirty Shirley 4. Matchbox DC-30 5. Double Verb
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    First AX8 recording

    Man. that sounds awesome!
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    Need more threads on getting great tones for clean/breakup /bluesy tones

    How is this one? Pretty sure this the first preset on the Ax8. Twin Reverb with a Tubescreamer and a little delay.
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    4x12 PRE-ROLA 55 M160 Alternative

    Thanks so much for the response and for your amazing work!
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    4x12 PRE-ROLA 55 M160 Alternative

    Weird question, hopefully someone can help me. I use the Ax8 exclusively for all my live gigs. I just got an Amplifire that I plan on using as a back up. I use cab 54, 4x12 PRE-ROLA 55 M160, which is from Cab Lab 20. Does any one know of a alternative that can be purchased in a .wav format that...
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    How Reliable is the AX8 At A Gig?

    I have about 30-40 gigs on mine with no issues.
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    AX8: what is "must have" IR ?

    Factory Cab 55- 4x12 PRE-ROLA 75 M160 (ML) — Based on a 4x12 Marshall 1960 cab with G12M 75Hz greenbacks, UltraRes. That is the one I have been using on almost all my patches with Bogner Shiva Clean, Friedman BE and HBE, CAE3 Clean, and the AC-20. They all sound great to me.
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    Dunlop Mini Volume Pedal

    I just got the Hotone. It definitely feels a little weird compared to the mission EP-1 i was using but the size and convenience are great. If I can get used to it it I will keep it. Its just to small and light to not use.
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    Axe Fx 2 with Tannoy Reveal 402

    I have the 402s. They are just OK which is kind of what I expected for $100 speakers.
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